Transition to Flower?

Yea sounds like you got it best to do it after strech… pre strech theres not too much point to defiling except large old leaves really dont justify there size later in life

I was doing to training last night on the GG. She looked a little shocked today and she is going into flowering. That could affect stretch but for me that might work out as those were the taller strains.

It’s very fun to learn and experiment with all the techniques you can use to manipulate the plant. Super cool. Just have to make sure I don’t over manipulate! Lol

@fano_man hey man follow up question. When talking about using amendments to top dress it says only needed every four weeks since I’m using a soil like fox farm. I’ve not got an answer if adding the amendment now, one week post transplant, is a good idea.

So, I could use the fox farm grow at 6-4-4 for first flowering feeding, but is that needed if the soil is fresh with nutrients?


Adding in @merlin44 @Covertgrower who have helped in other threads. @fano_man @dbrn32

Folks, I flipped 12/12 one cycle ago. Im not quite sure what I am doing in this transition regarding nutrients, but I don’t think this is 100% healthy. Most tops look like this (see below). Quick refresher on env.

HLG 650R
Water PH 6.5-6.8
Fox Farm Soil (just transplanted 1.5 weeks ago fresh, so nutes should be in the soil)
5gal felt bags/pots
GG/GSC/Bruce Banner
I don’t know PPM runoff…

For Veg, I was using ILGM Fert pack as I had no idea what I was doing. Ran out of that, and the last two waterings (pre-flower and first flower) were compost tea, followed by fox farm grow as I thought I needed to keep some N in the mix during transition. I used very conservative amount, 50% of recommended mix.

I had planned on transitioning to top dressing using some organic amendments, that might be best served till next grow, but the simplicity in the top dressing is what I like. Dress, PH water, water. Hard for me to mess up.

Anyway, I have no idea what’s going on, you can analyze all kinds of things researching. Calmag? Too little nitrogen? Not enough others?

When do I kick in the P? Fox farm has 2-8-4 I believe, the same as my organics. What to do? Help please.

Happy Friday :slight_smile:


Looks good!
Lighter green growth is happy growth. No worries.


Your plant looks great! I have always followed the schedule for using nutrients, both for frequency and amount to use and have had acceptable results.

Keep up the great work. :+1:

Wow thanks gang. I could swear the tips slightly are curling and the smallest yellowing. Here is the rest of the plant and the garden. I was having a blast now I’m on nerves making sure I don’t mess things up!!

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Many of us feed nutrients to the point of just seeing a tiny bit of leaf tip yellowing. This often indicates that the plant is getting as much as it can take. I think you are on target.


And those lower level large fan leaves are the first ones to cut once I’m a couple weeks into flowing to avoid shock? That was the schedule @fano_man and I discussed but again just wanting to make sure I run things by you all it’s been 20 years since I’ve done this lol

Many, if not most, folks would do as you suggest. Personally, I don’t remove any leaves unless they are interfering with air flow until the third or fourth week of flowering.


This is so great, all this info immediately! Learning so much. For example, that GG in the back was very big, so I started to try some training/LST?. Anyway, if you zoom in you can see some near horizontal growth from the training that pulled the tops down to nearly match the rest of the canopy. This was at least 5 inches higher 2 days prior to LST.

The only issue in this trial and error is the time we wait. Wish I had more time/space/money to experiment. I suppose I could try out the autos, but with one tent I cannot get the cycles to match up. Looking back, might have been better to get 2 4x4s, but once these 9 are another couple weeks in, ill have to re-arrange to utilize the other half of the tent and fire up the other HLG. I just switched it to 60% from 50 when I went 12/12, figure ill up another 10% in a few days if things look good.

Thanks everyone

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Sry for slacking on the question I’ve been abruptly moving… it’s a tough line if your top dressing with fresh dirt it depends what kinda dirt and how big. A plant and how much your additional dirt… if its ocean forest I’d be light on the grow

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I’ve held off on top dress.

Fox farm is in 5 gallon containers.

I may wait on the organicsa till next run, or put it on one plant to see.

But while I wait for the soil to depelete the nutrients, my main question is how much fert and when to cut to bloom/284. Perhaps that 2 of N is sufficient to support the stretch and I can stop with the grow nutes which is 444.

I’ll see how they look tonight, tomorrow will be a compost tea water, then return to nutes Monday. I’ll be two weeks through the fresh soil and fox farm says the nutes in the soil will last 3-4 weeks.

Hope the move is going ok

Grow nutes through week 2 of flower then switch to flower


@fano_man hey man hope the move is going ok. Question for you on flushing. One with the internet and forums is you get so many
Opinions which is great but when things conflict it gets confusing!

I’m waiting on my tds meter and hope to have it tonight. I’m debating if I should carry on with the nutes or do a flush. Last water was just compost tea with a little calmag.

But the dark green leaves makes me think I could have too much nitrogen causing some lock out potentially of the cal or mag.

I know you can’t diagnose over the web esp with the little info and pictures I have, but I’m debating what’s the best path here.

I can do nutes and check the runoff (which I’m still a bit unclear when exactly to test the water (first sign of runoff or wait?) or just do a flush of some phed tap water.

I don’t think either one is gonna kill the plants but still trying to get the wisdom of the group.

I wouldn’t flush as you just fed your microbes and amended rootzone I would give just water for a couple waterings and hold off on food for 2norn3 waterings … go moderate on the calmag if you feel you got nitrogen surplus if you just did a tea you gave a whole bunch of stuff at one time so phed water should keep you ok… can you do a slurry test on your soil to make sure you soil is in tight ph range… because if your soil took on and acidity or alkalinity propety you can be going in at 6.5 liquid burning soil is holding hard on high below ph you could be getting lockout not knowing your soils original ph before you water it…
Yo test it they make little powder reagent capsules and a lil cart … cubic centimeter of dirt 3 cc of water crack a capsule let fallout setter and you can get a color reading with no movement… you can also do a 24 hour soak with a drop of liquid reagent I’m not sure if dig is work this way… i dont use digits just chemical tests

Thanks @fano_man you guys said things looked ok maybe this is a case of me thinking something is wrong when it isn’t. With no shortage of information you can drive yourself silly diagnosing, just like webMD made everyone a doctor years ago lol. I just drew up my nute mixing for tonight at 50%, perhaps ill see how they look when lights come on and decide then. Stay tuned, ill get some pics for y’all.

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Looks great you should have seen my first grow it was crazy I vegged for 12 weeks and my plants were huge and I knew nothing about lst or supercropping. I got quite a bit of weed cause they were so big, in a grow room not tent so more room.

Hey moving huh is that good? I was just over here being nosey and saw you, catch you later. :man_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling::purple_heart:

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I’m set to watch also