Transition to Flower?

Hi all, first time grower here, looking for input. Tent characteristics:

4x8x7 Lite (important due to vertical limitations).
PH 6.5-6.8
Temp - 73 day, 64 night (cold basement trying not to use heater)
Humidity - 60-65 RH
Fox Farm soil and nutrients
Fan - 8" AC Infinity
Strains: GSC, Bruce Banner, and GG

As stated, this is my first grow in a couple decades. Im just trying to get things rolling, then use subsequent grows to optimize my strains and yield.

The GG is going to stretch too much, Im not going to clone this and keep in the garden. The GSC and BB are nice little bushes. I may not have done enough training (topped once, perhaps another would have helped), but here we are.

Anything specifically I am looking for other than height to indicate when to transition? Also, I didn’t think out my light schedule, they are off 8am - 2pm, eliminating some of my working time in the garden. When I go to 12/12, could I move that a bit or do I need to stick to the 8-8 schedule? I did this to have lights off during warmest part of the winter day, FYI.

Here is a pic, you can see the GG in the back Ive done my best to keep her from growing crazy. Other than that, everything seems nice and healthy.

Thanks in advance!!


That’s pretty much it. When they get to desired size and shape, just flip.

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They look mature enough to flip at any time now. Looking good.

You can put them on whatever 12/12 schedule you want, just be sure to give them at least 12 hours of sleep before the lights come on for the new schedule.

A 7’ tent is fairly tall, so not so easy to run out of room. You can manage height by doing thngs like topping and supercropping.


Thanks for the quick reply!

So Ill clarify on height. Its 79" tall, the HLG requires 15" for heat (I could prob set a fan up there and raise it a few inches). But HLG recommends 30-34" of canopy space on this light, its a lot of room but this light is like the sun. And I currently only have it at 50%.

So, dimming the light, even at 80% should buy me a couple inches too. But not knowing how the GSC and BB will react, I don’t want to let them get too tall.

While Im here, what about increasing the light intensity? Its 50-60% now. Should I flip, give them a week and increase 10%. Do it again till I get to 80% which would be around week 3?

Thank you so much! I am pretty happy w/ myself so far going from seed to what you see in a couple months!


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From what I understand 25% for seedlings 50% for veg 75% for flip and by week 4-5 100%


Thanks @Covertgrower @MidwestGuy @Thumbnail83 and adding in @dbrn32 and @fano_man since they were helping me out in another thread.

Few other questions and probably more to come.

Ive been using the Fert pack from ILGM and its done well so far. I ran out of veg so I went to Fox Farm. I have Gaia Green on the way, but I may wait until the next grow to minimize me f’ing anything up and since I’ve already used chems, its not a pure organic grow. That being said, once I flip, should I go straight to my 2-8-4? Or use normal water/compost tea for the first watering or two?

I have trellis nets but not installed, should I get them in place a foot above the canopy then just lower it? Never used one before.

I also am hitting 60 degrees for the low right now, its bitter where I am. Its been OK so far and based on what I have read, they can tolerate lower temps and humidity once they get into flowering. I can add heat but rather not.

Thanks gang, be safe!

During the transition, should I just use

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U wanna continue grow nutes till atleast 2 weeks from flip

I’ve never grown weed with any of them. Bought ff once, but I didn’t like the final solution using schedule, so I didn’t finish with it. I would just say to follow schedules and adjust as needed on the other stuff.


OK @dbrn32 you’ve piqued my interest! Its probably somewhere in this forum, but Id love to know what you use.

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Jacks 5-12-26 with calcium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, silica blast, and tribus.

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10-30-20 for bloom?

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Nope. Just the stuff I mentioned above.


So I’m clear continue normal veg nutrients (one on/one off watering) until 2 weeks into flower then transition to bloom? And over that time slowly ramp the light intensity from 60-80ish?

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You got it

I’m trying to soak all this info in.

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Keeping the thread rolling on transition, some “under” foliage questions. First pic is one the indicas look like, I’ve read you want to keep the leaves as they help with energy etc but once you move to flower you clean up a bit every week or two? Should I wait or clean some of that now? Second pic is a small piece of growth it’s maybe 1.5 inches. I could try my hand at cloning now or let it flower and try the monster crop route. But given there isn’t a lot of bud sites cutting all this now would give more energy to the main colas, right? As always thanks gang.

How tall are your plants over all… under 2 feet dont take alot… the lowest of the low… once they finish strech you can start taking a few more leading into strech you dont wanna over stress em because you can stunt a good strech and they won’t get that big… usually they about double in size some times in triple …but I’ve seen autos stunted barley hit 18 inch to 24 inch fully finished… it’s usually one plant that is not grown in optimal conditions weather its uncontrolled climate or poor growing techniqu… but once you do start to defol take ones blocking bud sites …that actually get light…if something dosent get lightbit can eventually go…(buds including) you wanna take low lit buds asap so energy in making buds can be re directed to buds you will be keeping :sunglasses::v:

I think all of them are around 18 inches with the exception of the GG

Stretch finishes after week 2 flower? Ish? So if anything now, just a couple very low small branches. Flip, wait 2 weeks, take a little off, wait another 2 weeks finish defoliating? @fano_man

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Yea sounds like you got it best to do it after strech… pre strech theres not too much point to defiling except large old leaves really dont justify there size later in life