Transition Soon? First time need tips!

Some brief info:
2 lights in a 2x4 tent - HLG 100 and Vivosun 300 LED
20 hours light with 4 hours darkness
General Hydroponics liquid trio
Usually tap sometimes filtered water. PHd to 5.8 - 6.5
Alternating nutes and fresh water

As the title says, this is my first grow. I have no idea what I’m doing and get conflicting information from google searches so I came here armed with pictures to get some advice. I think I may be getting close to switching to flower? Also, any tips for maintaining my plants or getting better yield?

I’ve labeled my pictures to make them easier to address.

I did try low-stress training on GSC 2 and Gelato. I think I did too little too late on those but this is a learning experience, right? I also tried to fim these two. GSC 2 I’m pretty sure I jacked up the fim as it still has one main and the poor leaves that grew out of that area are a bit gimped on the tips. I think the Gelato fim’d into 3? I’ve also done some light pruning and tried tucking some of the fan leaves. GSC 1 started out as a runt from the beginning so I decided to just have her be my control Zero work has been done on her besides removing an old leaf or two on the bottom. These two look pretty bushy/messy and I worry that I’m not doing things right. I have a scrog net for when I switch to flower, but not sure if it will be needed.

As for transitioning to flower, I’ve actually recorded some events such as growth spurts, lighting changes, nute changes, temps, etc in a spreadsheet so I have dates to go off of. The girls first sprouted out of the coco on 8/7. Growth was really slow for a while but seemed to pick up some in the last couple weeks. Transplanted to 5 gal fabric pots on 8/17. I was thinking about switching to flower on the 24th. Does that sound right? Should I do it now? Wait even longer?

Thank you guys for being so helpful on this forum!

With them not being topped, I’d be worried about running out of height which is why I’d say flip soon. Or, top them and give them a few weeks to recover and flip em.

Thanks for the advice. I don’t mind going a couple more weeks into veg. I ended up topping, cleaned up a lot of the lower growth, and tied a few branches down again.

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