Transition,Flowering ,Sexing

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

my question is if you buy autoflowering they come hermafroditas ?, also if you buy the feminine as fecundan if you need the male plant? or the plants change sex ?, otherwise if so, then you should plant the 5 seeds for example female so that they will fertilize later ?, thanks for your patience towards this newbie

@ILGM.Zoe all of the autoflowering seeds are feminized. They can only become hermaphrodite if they experience abnormal amounts of stress. More than likely they will not, as Robert sells very good quality genetics.


As stated above all autos are feminzed
If you wanted to breed plants you would need a male plant to pollenate the females
Most of us dont want males or seeds tho in our grows
I personally wont allow a male plant to live in my gardens i cull them immediately after finding them


Sensimilla For those who don’t grow cannabis, sensimilla may sound like a specific strain, when in actuality, it’s a female plant that has been prevented from being fertilized and therefore grows without seeds. Most people want to grow sensimilla plants because it produces flower with a higher THC content, versus putting all of its energy into producing seeds. Having said this, sensimilla plants are rare because they’re unable to reproduce until it’s fertilized.
We are not growing fruit therefore don’t want any males to fertilize our plants nor need them