Transferring mature plants

70 year old granny growing first time because it works wonders for my migraine headaches. Bad luck as I live in town, my 3 plants were healthy when I moved them outside . But they grew tall because of all the tree and not enough to sunn. Can I transplant them this late, they are 5 feet tall. I can move them to an open spot in the wood with plenty of sun but won’t be able to water them. One plant snap off in half last night from heavy rain storm, can that be saved.I live in Minnesota, will the plants have time to flower ?

I live in town

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Hey @Bobbi,transplanting always seems to have some type of drawback at later stages, usually stunting growth at the least for some period or some type of damage to the plant or root system, I know this because I’m an outdoor soil grower and I"ve done damage to plenty of plants just taking them out of small starter pots and re-planting while young(within two weeks).
WOW, a five footer!! I don’t know, what type of pot is it planted in now? If its in a 5 gal. bucket it should be ok to move, but re-planting at this stage may have crucial upset. And your plants need water, lots of water and some nutrient couldn’t hurt as well. Tell us more of what stage they are in , what they are planted in now( Pictures help).
Broken plants? how broke is it, if its not completely snapped I"d try some black tape and prop it with sticks and some string if the main stalk is thick enough. Lets us know more.

They are planted in the ground next to garage. I just attached a branch to plant that was damaged and think it will survive. I’ll go out and take a picture of the plants and post. Thanks for getting back so soon.

This is the only spot out of street and neighbors view we could put them. Only about 4 hours of sun and some filtered in evening for about 20 minutes. Now that the sun is moving back to the south should be getting more. The overhanging roof on garage sheltered the sun from hitting the plants. Too much rain drenched the plants (no water troughs) and leaves all started to wilt. No flowering in sight.

If I leave them at this spot, can I cut them down so them don’t show over the tops of the trellis? I have been using the wire fence covered in netting you see off to the side. The plants were growing over the top of the trellis before they started to wilt from too much rain.
If I leave them at this spot, can I cut them down so them don’t show over the tops of the trellis? I have been using the wire fence covered in netting you see off to the side. The plants were growing over the top of the trellis before they started to wilt from too much rain.

tthey definetly don’t need water for a bit, they also aren’t transplantable, ask @ktreez420,@kabongster, maybe they could shed some light on bending, there is also a new topic on bending,maybe you could look that up on the search forum

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Hiya Bobbi…and good answers @FyshhTrap

If it has not flowered, you can top it, it’s still in the vegetative stage and will branch out and fill in until flowering has started.

Unfortunately, it’ll fill in and continue to grow tall, becoming a bigger problem until chopped down.
Get more white netting like you have in the photo and hide your plant?
If you try bending and training, do it when the plant is thirsty and limp, it’s easier to work with.

If you try moving the plant, it’ll be stressed, stop growing for awhile, maybe permanently…water lightly with Superthrive or Liquid Karma or a root developing supplement.

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Thank you so much for the advice, how about the lack of sun?

Also, should I crop the top off now, is there a section that shows how to do this or should I just google it?

I’d visit YouTube for a video on topping…just use clean shears or whatever to discourage infection.

As for the sun…move the garage? Start planning the next plant for next year? As for moving the plant, I really don’t know…

I would try auto flowers next time…ILGM has a great selection…they mature quickly, don’t grow tall…they may be perfect for your yard.

@Bobbi if your plants weren’t in the actual ground I would say that your plants are definitely transferable. I’ve seen a 7 foot mother plant get transplanted before, as long as she’s still in veg it can be done. BUT, since you have the plant in direct soil outside, I don’t believe you could transplant this girl without killing her.

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We have a few stem benders and super croppers that could supply a few ideas, but it’s a little more involved, not difficult but can be intimidating.

I checked out the video, will go out and top right now. Since they are so tall and gangly, should I cut them down to half in size? Also will leave the 3 plants in the ground. Still not getting answers about lack of sun and will they flower? Should I put my grow light on them early in the mornings, would that help? I really appreciate all the help you all are giving me. My husband is ready to shoot holes in them with his shot gun. LOL.
I monitored the sun yesterday and with the sun moving back to the south, plants are getting about 51/2 hours direct sun and half hour late afternoon filtered sun. Will that help the flowering to begin? Sometimes we get early snow on Minnesota, cold weather. Need them to flower but think it’s not going to happen. Wish pot was legal in our state, I use it for migraines only. Street pot is all over in our town, can you imagine an old granny on a street corner asking for a pot dealer?

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Do the topping in the morning, it’ll give the plant a day of sunshine to start healing.

The plant can double in size after you top and it flowers so consider that when deciding where to cut.
You should learn to train the branches sideways if you’re worried about height. It’s called Low Stress Training, LST.
Or super cropping or bending, not quite low stress.

A full day of sunshine contributes to bud density, bigger flowers, a generally healthier plant because cannabis loves sunshine. You’ll have to expect a little less than perfect with 6 hours sun daily. You’ll get flowers but they may not be as solid as a bud grown in lots of sun.

The plant will flower when the days shorten enough, probably mid to late August unless you cover them completely and uncover them every day, giving the plants 12 hours sun, 12 hours dark.