Transfer rooted branch from water to soil

A question from a fellow grower:

I put a small, young branch from my female Crystal plant in to a double shot glass of water (weeks ago). She has rooted…and then some. They look very fragile, and I grow in soil in my greenhouse - no hydroponics. How can I transfer these delicate roots from water to potting soil? I’m thinking she needs to get root bound in the shot glass before I try dirt. I tried this cloning from water 6 weeks ago but the clone did not survive after transplanting to soil. OMG, this Crystal is great. Never too many of her.

Should be able to put her in soil no problem. A chopstick or something to help hold her up until the new roots spread and can support her.

I’d just fill a pot to the level that will have her at the right height, wet the soil then set her in and cover the roots and part of the stem with soil them water the whole pot good. Make sure there is lots of perlite in the soil you’re using so she doesn’t get drowned and the new roots have an easier time to get going.


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You could try building a simple “bubble” cloner to help develop more root mass before putting in soil.

Even a very small aquarium pump and a small air or bubble stone in the shot glass might help, but it is good to have the water and root area light proofed, if possible.

A red or green plastic coffee tub with the black lid, cleaned thoroughly of course, can be turned into a quick bubble cloner with the aforementioned aquarium air pump and accessories. A 2-3 inch hole, or maybe a few holes, can be put in the top and foam collars can be fashioned to hold stems in the water. The air/bubble stone put in the water under the clones to deliver oxygen rich water to help create a lot of roots and avoid the roots drowning or becoming waterlogged.

So basically you’d be making yourself a small version of one of these things in the link below, you can also check you tube and you can find tons of tutorials to give you other ideas of how to make bubble-ponics devices, this is basically similar to DWC or deep water culture hydroponics.

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Go ahead and place rooted branch in a 1 gallon pot of nice Organic soil. Be careful not to use too strong of a fertilizer based soil.

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Thank you. Will give her a go then. I have more roots this time!

Interesting. I plan on doing this more often. We have another Crystal plant that will give me many cloning opportunities. Thank you for the info!!! We are legal in Oregon. Life has become more interesting!!!

Will give it a go. I can always try again. Live and learn!