Transfer from inside to outside, some advice?

A fellow grower in need:

Now I have six little healthy plants. I’m determined to have a healthy harvest this year, determined not to make the plants anxious – butnot successfully finding answers to my questions in the download, or elsewhere on line.

I’m attempting to make the transition from inside to outside – (was told shouldn’t be outside full time until mid-May.)
Transitioning to outside full-time – I am confused about how to manage the change in their lighting.

Now they are under lights all night and morning – then whenever possible I
have them in screened window, direct sun, for afternoon, until dusk…
then back under the lights. The last few days I’ve turned off the lights
for a couple of hours at night. Not sure how to manage this change, can
you advise me?

Not the best indoor setup, probably, but seems to be working well. I am using compact fluorescentbulbs, with lots of reflectors. It has seemed adequate but they are outgrowing the box and are almost ready for the outdoors.
I also don’t know:

  • if they are big enough yet to withstand the NM sun all day?
  • if I should transplant them from this size pot into their final BIG pots? or a transitional size? (I’m seeking some big pots, 5-6 gallon).
  • do I need to fertilize, soon? They are growing in Happy Frog soil and seem mostly very happy.
  • one plant has a few leaves that curl under and tips curl downward. Thismay have happened when I let it get too dry after transplanting, but then I read it could be calcium… so I have switched over to tap water.It isn’t the whole plant, just some of the leaves

I’ve been looking into the best way to transition from indoors and out and what I’ve found on this site and others is that you slowly wanna acclimate your plants to outside conditions by starting in the shade and slowly moving them into the sun more and more everyday over a weeks time.

Actually; You want to place your plants in trhe morning Sun. Acclimate the plants by making sure they do not wilt under the extreme heat and UV of the Sun. Cash gave good advice. Basically; Be careful not to over expose your plants to intense Sunlight without monitoring, and perhaps, brief periods in the shade. :slight_smile:

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