Trangarine dream & Sin Tara Bajo Autos


Hey :wave: my grow family how we doing so let have a go at the autos and see well I have never done autos so plse help me along I knw wat to do we the normal fems I have been doin but these 9weeks done wow :astonished: well I have planted the 2 that I am going to do it has been 23day frm seeds potted on the 19th April and here is a foto off them my little baby’s

@Covertgrower @Mikos @Donaldj @Growit @dbrn32 @ o and the 1 in the black pot is a clone of my Shuggz gold and the other 2 the tall one is tangerine and the shortest one is the Sin Tara Bajo bless


Healthy bunch of kiddos! :+1:


Looking good, I’m excited to follow along. I’m getting prepared to order some autos. @Shuggz


Best of luck with the grow!


good luck with your grow!


Bruv get them into there final pots auto dont take well with transplanting. Get them into 5gallon or 3gallon pots. The bigger the pot the better for autos bruv. Thy do good in 3gallons but cause thy grow fast u can plant in bigger pots but 3gallon is minimum for autos and 5gallon is good for fem and reg seeds. With auto’s your best putting thm into there final pot from the start. Get yourself some great white shark powder the nxt time you do autos and put a little bit thru the soil and some ine the hole u put the seedling into and tht stuff will give u a very good root system and be careful with nutes you need to use a very weak dose i would say start off with 25% of wat you use on reg or feminized grow ok bruv.


Bro u good bless yeah I have put in the biggest pot I had I think they are 33cm wide at top and about 50cm tall I think that’s ok and mute I have done less but remember I mix 25ltr


Hey family how we doing I hope all is good so a update da baby’s are doin good come in long nice I have seen that the tangerine is tall then the Sin Tara is that normal wid them ere a foto @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Sasquatch @Mikos @elheffe702


Sure it’s normal, they look good!


Thanks I have not done auto b4 bless


They look good bruv thy wont look the same DIFFERENT strains to start and you will notice the speed in which thy will start to flower some as little as 21days and son a bit less or more easch auto strain has its own internal clock but thy dont like strong nutes or to be moved into other pots often with Auto’s i find ur better with a 3 or 5 gallon pot from seed as thy grow very rapid. Enjoy bruv.


Hey family how are we all doin I hope all is nice
So guys I potted my baby on the 19th April so today frm there today it’s been 24days so wat i is askin is if I count frm then it’s been 5weeks or do I count a week later frm potted then it has been 4weeks and wen do I start usein the bloom any one @Mikos @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Sasquatch @elheffe702


I would follow nutrient schedule


Hey bro wat nutes you using for starts and if its bio bizz thn do the same thing but less strengh. Tht chart i gave you bro should keep you right you just need to figure out what strength of nutes you want to give thm just becareful as autos dont recover like reg or feminized thts the only downside i think but if you can grow without any major issues thn u should be golden just watch them as youll have seen thy grow rapid and thy go even faster ul check one day and thy be small busy things then the nxt thing you know thy have stretched and are budding very very fast. And thy just get faster so you need a good clean grow to be able to maximise yeild with autos but if you have the space etc thy can put out the same as regular or Feminized if you grow bit more plus u can get more grows in per year with autos and with the better genetics going on thy are getting faster. But thy r as potent if not more so in some cases than there regular or Feminized counterparts but keep me posted bro al follow you and help if u need it.


Cheer bro and bio buzz all the way I was use nutes on the lite side and hopefully I will not be doing too much bless


Yeah start of with less thn half strength of what you use on reg or Feminized seeds. For example if you putin 3ml to 1l of water i would only use 1ml to 1l to start with and see how i get on. Ive just took mine down and hung thm upside down without taking any fan leaves off. I will trim tomz a little and hang them up a bit better until its time to put into jars then al manicure thm alot better.


Sorry family did finish this one off well they come out real nice and I did get some seeds frm them and I’m going to do them on next one hope it will be ok bless