Trainwreck Problem! Help please



I ve bought Trainwreck and sour diesel seeds from ILGM. And planted one of each. They are both fem. But im having a real problem, they are in their ninth (9) week and im not seeing any flowers. Im attaching the latest pic. Do you know what’s the problem?

Looking forward for help


Welcome to the forum @Lucaseske They look wonderful, have you switched to 12/12 light schedule?



Yeah I already switch to 12/12 lightening. I don’t know why I don’t see any flowers and im in the ninth week.



9th week of since planting OR 9th week in 12/12 flower schedule?

IF 9th week since planting…no problem.

IF 9th week of 12/12 flower schedule…something needs to change.

waiting for your answer


9th since planting. I thought that the complete cycle was of 10 weeks.


Sellers know buyers seeking Auto’s want the shortest S2H time. S2H = Seed to Harvest. The information they provide reflect that.
You have not said if these Ladies are Auto’s or reg?
With your last response…I will assume they are auto’s. If so light schedule will not affect growth. They are on their on schedule and will flower when ready.
Have they stopped vertical growth? If auto’s…they should start soon…assuming they have good food.


Yeah they are auto. Im not good with the watering shedule. I don’t know when and how much should I water them. How often or what quantity.


You want to water till you have run off so salts don’t build up. I judge by how heavy my pot is. Or stick finger in soil, if dry at first knuckle, then water. How long has the light been on 12/12?


Also, ilgm doesn’t have a trainwreck auto, so it’s probably just a fem seed. But I believe they have sour diesel autos and fem


So they are both Reg.
How often should I water them and what quantity. Because almost all the water I put goes through.
Its been 6 weeks with 12/12 lightening.


Yeah, I just checked. They’re both not autos. Only fem. So you gotta change lights to get them to bud


Then you have light leaks or a light on in the grow tent somewhere. Get a pic close up so we can see if you have preflowers yet


What kinda medium are you growing in. What kinda light, how many watts? What kind of nutes and how much and how often?


Hornhead is giving you good advice. Watering is very important as is the PH.


Its a growing tent with 300 watts. With a fan and a air filter. 12/12 hours of light
Im using the top crops nuts. Once per week.
Top Candy
Top Bloom
Big one

Does three


If you have had lights at 12t12 for 6 weeks and there is no flower, you gotta have light getting in. Turn off all light in room, turn on grow lights, zip up tent and look for light getting out. Then do the opposite, get in tent zip up, let eyes adjust, look for light getting in. Do you have a small power light on a fan or any in tent that would put off light while light are off. And can you get a couple close up pics


And, you are gonna want to either top or supercrop or high stress train those plants. Cause once they began the pre flower stretch, they’ll double, maybe triple in size if sativa dominant


Hey sory for the delay. But I have limited replys in this forum. I searched for leaking light but I don’t have any. Thanks for your help y really appreciate it. Here are some pics.



Those two sock vents at the top and bottom. That’s why you haven’t flowered yet, light is going right into them


Perfect I’m going to close those vents. Thanks.