Trainwreck Indoor Grow Journal


Got some more pictures! Excuse my dirty fingernails - I work in gardens during the summer so it’s an endless battle.

These ones are starting to look pretty rounded…

And these clusters look a bit suspicious as well… Should I keep growing them and wait until I definitely can see some balls? These clumps do look totally different from the hairs on the adopted plant.


This is a male plant for sure, sorry @sweet_quiche.


Now it’s for sure. It’s a boy. If you weren’t going for a male, get it out of there ASAP so he doesn’t spill his balls everywhere


Bummer. Thanks for helping me identify! The other one is definitely female, so at least that’s going well!


So now the only question left for the now dead male is - can I use those growth leaves for anything? Or is it just leafy detritus?


Compost is about the only thing it’s good for. Unless it got mature enough to produce trichomes, then you could make some canna butter. But judging by the pics you have, it’s not mature enough. No one ever let’s them get mature for good reason, when those pollen bags open it’s over for all your females. You did good killing it before that happened. Grow on @sweet_quiche!


I’m actually trying to get a male… but I’m also trying to make canna-babies :v:


Vermont gets hot too! Found my thermometer in the grow room reading 98 today, but luckily yanked out the last female right quick and have it cooling down and watered a bit extra as the space airs out a bit. Also, happy legalization to all the rest in the 802!


Also! I realize I’m not yet finished with my first grow, but I’ve been picking up a lot and am starting to (try to) plan my second round in advance. Likely going to do another bit of Trainwreck because I still have plenty of seeds, but am keenly looking for suggestions of mistake-forgiving types or large bud / strong bud seeds I could buy from ilgm! Any good indoor suggestions like that?


Super skunk supposed a really tough strain. And easy to grow with a very balanced stone. Buds are dense and smell is awesome. Perfect for beginners. White widow is another easy forgiving strain. Excellent high but the buds are a bit airy for me personally.


If you go on ilgm website, they give great descriptions of each strain available. In fact ilgm gives more info about each strain than most other websites do. Plus their genetics are just out of this world! Every single seed I’ve purchased have germinated!


Any of the classic strains such as Blueberry, White Widow, Cheese, Maui Wowie, from ILGM should all give you what you’re looking for. All easy to grow with solid yield and high :v:


The adopted plant has been switched to flower, and she’s finally showing! Rough count revealed around 20 bud spots, but the most exciting part is seeing it finally mature to a recognizable milestone!


The seeds are also here! After much deliberation and website use I decided on super skunk and purple haze, thanks to everyone for helping point me in the right direction! Looking forward to both the remaining flowering and now the next grow!


I’ve been enjoying the flowering phase a lot, both amazed at the growth of the new buds and how much water it’s drinking! Trying to count the bud sites proved useless, I kept losing count around 30 which is pretty exciting, and I’ve been giving around a quart of ph water a day!

The thing I’ve been keeping an eye on though is the humidity… I really want to avoid bud rot, should I point the 6 in clip fan I have directly at the plant? Or around the sides still?


We’ve got some substantial bud growth!


Looking great! Right on track!


So I switched them at the beginning of July, and unfortunately I’ll be returning to university at the end of August… Due to the rather covert nature of my grow I think I’ll have to give them the chop before it might be ideal, but would two months still be a good enough flowering period to at least yield smokeable, if not the strongest bud?


How many weeks have they been flowering?


nm. I see. you should get some smokable bud in 2 months. But don’t forget you have to dry and cure. they dry in 7-10 days but in order to get a descent cure, gonna need an additional 2-3 weeks minimum.