Trainwreck in a 2x2?

Hi, can anyone recommend growing 2 Trainwreck fem plants in a 2x2 tent using the SCROG method?

Your 2x2 with two plants is going to get crowded. So a Scrog will be a huge plus if you do it. I highly recommend Scrog for such a small space.

You will be able to get a bunch of Colas on her. This means the very tops will get all the light and the bottom you can either let them grow or remove them. I use the bottom small popcorn sized buds as a way to taste test how the plant is coming along.

I bet you could fill a 2x2 with one train wreck. I filled one last year with a jack Herer.

Just one plant in a 2x2.

Thanks for the replies, I think I’m gonna try it, I’ll keep you posted.