'Trainwreck'?, Big Buds Auto, G13 Haze Fem photo

Hi All,

After reading so much about indoor growing, I realized that you guys are playing god with your seeds. You undertake to provide them not with possible conditions, but with just about guaranteed conditions! I’m just not ready for that responsibility! maybe I can grow (pun) into that level of divinity, but for now, I’m going to let go and go outdoors!

So, with an eye towards maybe having a viable seed to plant on Wednesday, (4/20), I started soaking two bag seeds (“Trainwreck” on the label). I’ll post again when these are tucked into their paper towel.

I invite everyone with an interest in a true first time grower, either to learn as we go, or to help guide us as we go.

I’ll be starting the two ‘Trainwreck’ seeds now, and follow with 2 or 3 auto flower “Big Buds” when I’m confident not to kill them! Then I have a couple of G13 Haze Fem photos seeds I’d maybe like to try cloning from. There! That’s my plan til the solstice!

Not sure how the tagging works here but please do, if you like!


Im keen to watch. If you want to tag anyone just do this @anewguy
I dont know about playing God but if I left my tomatoes do their own thing Id have s$%t tomatoes.
Even time I tweak something the results get better.
Fairly new only on 4th and 5th grow atm.
Here my journal but its all inside not out like yours.

No, I don’t intend to let them do their own thing! But, if I can generally pass responsibility for the light to nature, instead of ‘managing’ it completely, so much the better! I’ll provide shade, water and some light training :laughing:. I’ll also have to sex the first two, ‘Trainwreck’ bag seeds! So another learn-this-skill moment!

But first let’s see if they sprout!

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Ok , I tucked my two maybe Trainwreck seeds in wet paper towel yesterday and YES they both put out roots !! I think I’ll give them another day before I put them in their peat pots.

Also, I thought I was starting a grow journal here. Anybody know how to make it or move it or???


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Can someone please help @anewguy out.
Thanks gents.


This is listed as outdoor grow journal. Not sure if maybe someone else fixed already?



I moved the seeds into their respective peat pots with some sort of light airy non-clumping soil. Before planting I watered the filled peat pots til water came out the bottom.

I planted the seeds root down, covered lightly with a 1/3" of soil, lightly watered again.

Thus begins the odyssey, on April 20, no less - 4/20!!



One day after planting and they’re peeking out of the soil!


"A"looks good to me, but “B” still has its seed cap. I should wait a while before trying to remove it?

I’m giving them mostly partial - filtered sunlight, they’re each under a bottle dome to help retain moisture.

Any suggestions?

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After a strong start they seemed to have stalled out. This is day three.

Any ideas?

image image

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While appearing to srall above ground they will be growing roots beneath.

@Fergus And they seem to take the sun!! I’m at 7,000 ft and so I keep checking them but so far they’re not showing (me) signs of stress.

“B” shed the seed cap by itself.

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Im new but Ive never needed to dome. I just spray mist heavily to keep humidity up and water a little. It depends on your environment. I start mine outside and then grow indoors so Im a bit different to most.

Okay, today I will try spraying, instead of doming. The thing is that my climate is high desert, so the sun is pretty intense. How many hours of direct sun do you think they can take?

OTOH, you’re right, Fergus, A and B both are growing above ground, now!

I’ll post photos after the day’s growth is over.

Im pretty much in an opposite environment to you so they will need more care and moisture for sure. Even our heat is humid.

’ Yes, I think I know why I’m giving so much water. It’s my peat pots! They allow evaporation on all sides, not just the top, like in a solo cup. So I’m getting better at gauging the water weight by lifting the pots! I let the wet line on the outside go down to the 1/3 level, and then fill to runoff again.

image image

Here they are at 8 days. Second set of true leaves just starting, 2 - 3 inches tall.

Mutation? Or?

So here are my bag seeds at two weeks. I made packing tape sleeves for the peat pots. They slow the evaporation from the sides. That brought my water consumption down to half a cup per day, which is a lot but they live in high desert conditions.

image image image image

Is plant “B” mutating or is it just having a weird second leaf?
Do they look about right for 2 weeks? I ask because I have no instruments to help me decide what they need. So if someone says they’re drowning, I’ll know why they look like they do. For example.

Any thoughts welcomed!