Trainwreck Auto flower Day 91

Hey guys first time grower sitting at day 91 with my Trainwreck thinking it’s time to harvest looking for your opinions.

I see white pistils, not 100% cloudy trichs, and virtually no amber…

What kind of affect are you looking for from this material?

@QST_59 I want to get mangled lol. If you think I should keep waiting I will. I must have messed up my reading I thought it went cloudy-clear-amber. This is my first grow and I will say I really don’t know what I’m doing lol

There are more experienced folks here, and I’m sure someone will come along…

But it goes, clear, cloudy, then amber…

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Very interested in this post. Just popped a bergman’s gold leaf and another trainwreck so curious to see how goes. Looks good to me right about meow but I am also a first time grower so i wouldn’t know. I do believe if you wait too long you start to lose thc and that"wrecked" high you’re looking for. My suggestion would be jump off this train now I think you’ve reached your destination friend. :):wink: Happy harvest to you!!

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Clear= immature
Cloudy is nice heady high.
Amber is couch lock high.
Most harvest at 30/70 cloudy/amber to 50/50.
Remember, your trichromes will continue to ripen as it dries after harvest. At 91 days, you should be very close to harvest, withina week if you want a perfect mix. A clear close up of the actual bud will help determine harvest. Remember to look at trichromes on buds and NOT the sugar leaves. Thise leaves will mature faster than the bud trics.

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Need USB microscope pictures of the tricombs, the ones you have uploaded here are not zoomed in Enough to see the tricombs.