Training my Harlequin girls

I’ve never seen cloning before. Very cool :sunglasses:

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@Kimf5771 [quote=“Kimf5771, post:18, topic:86301”]
you were getting ready to flip,
“Getting ready to flip” is preparing plants for transition to Flower stage and using more than 12 hours of darkness with less than 12 hours lights on. Welcome


Flip / flipping is changing the light schedule to initiate the flowering stage. Usually changing to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. Some use slightly different hours but the act of flipping is to get the plants to start flowering.


@Stomata , it seems an easy way to keep a good thing going :wink:

These are my first clones, all taken the same day. Interesting how two are doing really well and two are limping.

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How would you classify the stage of growth when cloning?
Thank you

Hi @Kimf5771 !

I’m so new at this that I don’t know one stage of growth from another. The husband and I were ready to flip our big plants when a friend suggested that we take some clones. He pointed out some candidates near the base of the plants.

The two short cuttings are struggling. The two long cuttings are doing well, maybe because I buried about 3 inches of stem that included some leaf nodes.

How are your clones?

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Thanks for the information, every little bit helps. The clones are doing OK. It was a struggle at first, but they are coming back to life. I baby them like new born puppies. Lol I
Use the clonex in my water. It seems to help establish a good root system. Plus it lowers the ph in my hard water.
Good Luck and enjoy the growth.
Thanks again

After you have trimmed your plant for clones how would you stage the trim? Would it be veg,…?
Thank you for the help.


If I get a clone, i consider it mine and I am a proud parent. I don’t need to label my children, just love & nurture them into adulthood and the world of cloning. Congratulations, cloning takes you to a new dimension with your growing skills.

[quote=“rubyyarn, post:26, topic:86301”]
How are your clones?
[/quote] Two look like this
IMG_20220620_205415819 (002)
and one like this got a 3-gal bag today.

How are your clones?

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Cant give you a good answer. Clones have the parents date of life, would be my answer. Supported by they get stronger? Hopefully. Stage matters little. I prefer to clone female flowering clones into bonsai flowering plants. Todays activity in pictures.

Clone cup got 3-gal bag.

IMG_20220620_205415819 (002)
Cut Gallon clone has a twin (same size, planter, dates.
Five possibilities:
They die (but they were dead as trim, so no loss).
They revert to veg, stay female.
They revert to veg, Hermi
or best
They continue to flower and get harvested
They produce seed and get harvested

Ohhh, those are nice! Mine are pretty spindly. Two are in the garden and are improving. The two inside may just join them :confused: