Trained Maui Wowie 5 weeks in flower

This Maui Wowie had 9 weeks in veg with a ton of high and low stress training. Its now in the middle of the 5th week since changing to 12/12. ILG has Maui Wowie at 9 weeks average flower time… so 4 1/2 weeks to go if they are right… any thoughts?

added trichome pics at end of week 5, buds growing !


Well done on the great spacing! Looking good.

Hope to get a 1/2 lb… I’ll have 18 or 19 weeks invested it this one. For the last 3 weeks it has a 600 watt led veg & bloom light all to itself and it will have that the rest of the way out.

Count 12 weeks since you flipped the lights to 12/12… :wink:


That looks great. I’m planning on growing Maui Wowie for my next grow, this winter, and your plant is an inspiration. Good luck!