Train wreck, because we all like to watch them

This was supposed to be a Gold Leaf autoflower but the photosensitive ones were shipped by mistake. I should have noticed something was weird after 3 months but nope, I kept them on a 24/7 light schedule.

Once you guys helped me figure it out and I switched to a 12/12 light schedule, flowers started and I thought life was good. But I’m concerned.

This picture shows a 4 week old flower. I thought it would start turning brown around 7 weeks. Should I start harvesting flowers when they get to this stage? They’re so scrawny because I did everything wrong, so I’m chalking these plants up to what not to do when growing.

I’d like these to keep a good flavor so I don’t want to keep them on the plant longer than they have to be.

Does anyone have thoughts on my train wreck?

I almost forgot to mention how fantastic ILGM’s customer service is. They went above and beyond the call of duty to make me happy :grinning:


Look okay. Get a jewlers loupe so you can see the trichomes up close. If they are clear let it go. When they get cloudy and Amber it ready.

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You have a long way to go. I see nothing wrong. Pistils on calyx die leaving the calyx behind which gets buried under new bud calyxes. This keeps happening until you have a coffee can sized bud. Or at least a Bud Lite Tall Boy lol.


Well put. A coffee can? Sheesh your growing monsters!


As long as it’s not K-cup sized :joy:


Yup u got a bit more to go. MyFriend is spot on. Once they all go amber and poof out a bit, you want to have a jewelers loupe on standby to check trichs for bud ripeness

Cheap effective loupe

Trichs by ripeness


I bought a jewelers loupe. My vision is so bad I still can’t tell what the heck is going on with my babies. I took some pictures in macro mode. Also, when I was misting them today I bumped one of the buds with my hand. I noticed a sticky residue that smelled really darn good. They started to flower at the end of July.

I’d appreciate any thoughts and advice.

Quite a fair amount of cloudy there. Few ambers. Bit more still clear. Ur knocking on the harvest window.

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