Train husband properly!


Well, got up today and went to check my baby…only to find my husband had opened the closet last night!!! I’m gonna put a padlock on that door😠! I just went to 12/12 schedule 5 days ago…hope he didnt turn my girl into a hermy!
Note to all my female growers out there:
Always properly train husband before the grow​:joy::rofl:


Sounds like (HST) for him lol :slight_smile:


Plant will likely be fine.


Husband will prob have a huge knot on his head…

Oh My…



Plants you can train. Hubbys you cant! Mine does my installations & lights but has nothing else to do with them except opening tent when you shouldnt. If you figire out a good training method please share! Im sure many here could use the help. Lol


That’s why I have a big sign on my tent showing what time the door can be opened. Just Incase the wifey is curious and I’m not home. :wink:


Everything i do is under lock and key and guard dog’s… :wink:


We are hard to train sometimes…


Lol, same. Well, no key.


Sweet Set up…



Only thing better would be hidden electromagnetic lock so you couldn’t even tell it was there haha.


It’s hidden behind a hinged mirror


I seen. Which would definitely have someone wondering what the keypad is for if they found it.


I built it to keep the guns out of reach of the kids. Now it’s a multipurpose room, lol. It does require a magnet in a specific spot to open the mirror.


I was a real dckhead as a kid, I would have probably had a door on the back side if my dad would have had one