Train autoflowers

A question from a fellow grower:

Do you recommend any training on auto flower plants ?

You can LST an autoflowers by tying limbs down but that is about it for training.

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JTheH - has your answer (LST)

thankyou. i bought some blueberry autoflower and i was wondering about the lst. i did it with my big bud and its doing well. thank you

you can do that if you want some even top auto’s; Here is the growth cycle of auto’s

weeks 1-3 vegative stage
weeks 4-12 Flower stage

can use nutrients but at reduced rates and at each specific "stage’

Hi all!
I am a beginner and I would like to plant some autoflowering plants, I want to know if now it is time to plant them that I have been reading and they say no … but I do not know for sure, can you help me? Thank you…