Tough to ID leaf variegation

Hey everyone!
I’m growing in the felt pots this year, still in the greenhouse with natural soil and ph’ed water. I’ve used a general organic fertilizer as well.
I’ve had an unusual (but interesting) symptom this year, and I’m having a hard time finding anything in photos etc. that looks like it. I do have some spider mites on one plant by now, but the leaf symptom has existed for a lot longer (months), gradually getting worse. The plant with no spider mites also has the leaf symptom, so I don’t think it’s the mites in any case. Mainly I’m putting this out there to try to help someone in the future; I’ll be harvesting soon and definitely won’t be able to correct this. But would love to know for next time if anyone has seen it before!
Thanks as always and have a great weekend,

I’m not seeing any variegation there, just damaged’s a plant that is in my tent with variegation.

Thanks. Yeah, I just meant mottled yellow and green, i.e. not all one color. Do you recognize the damage?

Unfortunately it definitely looks like spider mites damage, or thrips, both are similar.

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Hmmm, ok. Mites have shown up in the past week or so; this mottling has been ongoing (and worsening) for months. Do mites have a cycle where they are doing damage but not showing webs?

It does depend, I’ve seen more infestations with out webs than with. That doesn’t mean they’re not there. Captain Jacks dead bug is safe for flowering plants. This would minimize numbers this far into flowering, but not eliminate them.

OK thanks again!


What are you feeding her?

This year just used mainly Dr. Earth organic (a slow release pellet) in compost/soil. Also use Good Stuff Grow products at times (Bud Breakfast, etc.). This is my first year in the fabric grow bags, so I’m not clear on how often to feed. Definitely started the year off with new soil that was totally nitrogen deficient from the gravel yard, and had to try to react to that. Did get good green-up thereafter and then mid-grow had the mottling start. Anyway, it’s always a good learning experience but would love to have some killer plants one year that make everyone jealous, haha!