Total Yield For CBD


Hi all,

We are growing a Thunderstruck strain for CBD extraction. My question is what will the total plant weight be after drying. I know this would be close to impossible to answer due to not knowing when they are harvested. The problem we are running in to is most of the research done for harvest yield is based on dried buds, not the entire plant. Since we will be using the entire plant for the extraction there is a lot more weight in the stalk, leaves and stems that would normally get tossed. Does anyone have a percentage of total weight vs trimmings and buds harvested. Hope this makes sense., Thank you


When drying cannabis, the general consensis is most bud will loose about 75% of its weight after being dried to the proper moisture for smoking.

Drying for extraction could even remove more weight.

The stems will have the most weight but the least amount of trichomes per volume and will not add much weight at all to the final product.



From what I have read there is roughy the same weight in trimmings left over that are rich in THC and CBD. In our case we will be using those also to extract. i understand the large fibrous stems and stalks would not yield much. So I am just trying to figure out what that yield would be.