Total rust/boron def help!

my ssh has turned rusty yellow, may be boron, but is it too late now. would going from t5 full spectrum to led do this too? Thanks for any input.

Try this … one teaspoon of Boric Acid ( eye wash ) to one gal water.
Boron gets locked out with a ph of 2.0. 5.0
Ph should be 5.0. 6.0 out of this range will cause boron deficiency


believe it or not, I took that suggestion from a week or so ago, and I did that and this is the results yet, May need more time to change. Thanks. But do the defective leaves come back or just die off naturally?

I believe they just die off. They look to far gone the leaves to come back


You. May have to flush them at this point .if you are useing 3 gal buckets use 6 gals of water and so on


Look like the plant is using them for the nukes that in them , which can be more extensive than normal , but it’s to be expected . That’s a sure sign the buds is swelling ? Could be normal in flowering ?

Mine are swelling and. They sure don’t look like that


Hey will that’s why I strongly encourage you to train your plants with main lining and super cropping , it will swell your buds massively .

I have already started with the clones…Iem going to start posting from time to time and iem going to hope that you would kinda guide me through it you know so I don’t f…k up…lol


Yeah you know I will help you brother , as much as you helped me , that’s a no brainer . I just want to try it so you can see the results , than you can get more with less and grow a big mother plant . But when you see the weight and heavy laid over colas that’s big as a 20 oz bottle , 8-16 on one plant , you gone be like why I have not been doing this at first , your scrogging is gone be “Epic!”

Right on…this will be a learning experience for sure. It will be this weekend I need to make room for the new tent. Ill have one for veg and one for flower. Item going to transplant into 3 gal buckets. Then I can start what we have been talking about. I look forward to your help THANK YOU


Right on , did you see my 1 gallon see threw buckets I bought for my auto blue berry and ak -47 and sour diesel ?

Yes I did…where did you find thoughs
…would like to have a few


I found in Walmart by the fans and paint supplies .

Thank you Yoshi, I just want a few to watch the roots grow as I feed them and water them. Off to wall Mart


Yeah I found them at Walmart family , they were like 2 bucks .

Are you going to wrap the buckets to keep light out?

No , I figure LED lights won’t hurt roots . I mean it will be filled with my super soil , but seeing the roots at the bottom will give me more knowledge of how the plant looks at each stage due to root production . Why cover them dinosaur man ?

No they will be in veg for maybe 3 weeks before they go into 3 gal buckets. I want to see how the root system developers so that I have a better understanding of how it grows.
Sorry Yoshi…didn’t see your post…but ya same thing


Seems like I’m a little late chiming in on this, but I see a phosphorus lockup. Notice the necrotic tips of the leaves that are still green? That tells me you have been feeding at the peak strength for that type of plant. While this is a good thing to see, it can get out of balance very quickly, almost always leaning toward nutrient toxicity. Your condition will progress rapidly in the next week, even if you flush out all nutrients now. It will slow and stop if corrected.