Total Newbie With Sativa Dominant Growing Questions

Greetings cannabis growing people. I was hoping you’d be able to help a first time grower. I decided to pick up the hobby for fun and my own personal use. In the legal state of MA, so why not? I plan on using 5 gallon smart pots to grow four (4) Purple Haze (Haze x Purple Thai) plants that I bought here. I’ve decided to use a 5x5 Gorilla Grow Tent, two (2) Viparspectra PAR1200 1200W LED lights (534 max actual watts each), 6" 442 CFM inline fan, carbon filter, etc.

What I’m struggling with is the best way to train the plants. Should I consider ScrOG or just topping and LST? Any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

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If you ask me mainline is the way to go. But most around here go for lst, supercropping, and scrog. I would love to do a sog grow but dont want to do it with seeds. I’d rather use clones for a sog.

You have four 5.gallon pots. You could do good sized autos or full photos in a 5x5. You seem well positioned to grow a pound of bud in the next 4 months

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Welcome to the family. Your plan sounds fantastic just be sure to do a “dry run” of tent a few days before so you can dial in your grow environment.
Good luck & let’s grow together.


I hadn’t even thought about mainlining. That’s an idea I’m going to give some serious consideration. Thank you!

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Thanks @Viktor7! Great idea. That was definitely a part of the plan. :wink:

good choice.! looks to be nice tents.

1070 watts, this is not quite enough to light the whole 5x5,
25 sq ft x 50-60 wpsf = 1250 - 1500 watts to fill a 5x5 wall to wall,
it will work, just not ideal.!

this might not be enough,
5x5x6.5= 162.5 qu ft x 4 = 650 cfm of inline or mixed flow,
an intake fan or an 8" fan/filter might be needed…???

this is personal preference, SCroG is a little easier for new comers,
topping is real close to just as easy,
LST takes a little experimenting.!

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Huh? Recirculate the tent 4 times per minute, why??

the tent needs a complete air exchange every minute or 2,
the 4x factors in the airflow reduction of filter, passive vents, and duct work,
this number is usually high enough to run full steam or on a dimmer,
if u have a small filter, lots of ducting, and/or small inlet vents u may need a bigger fan.!

I use the scrog technique almost exclusively. It’s not difficult, but for your first grow I’d recommend just some simple lst or Supercropping.

You don’t have quite enough light to flower 4 plants effectively in a 5’x5’, but you might pull off 4 plants if you flip to flowering a bit early (keep them smaller ).

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So here’s the deal with the 5x5 decision. Most people choose 4x4. The reason I chose 5x5 was just to have a little bit of breathing room to work. I wasn’t really expecting a larger yeild than 4x4. Would I be better off if I only grew 3?

I’ll go ahead and return the 6" fan and replace it with an 8" 750 CFM fan.


it is not the number of plants, it is the size of the canopy.!
this depends on your grow/training methods,
i can fit 20 plants in my 2x2.5 area, but i grow from clones and keep them really, really small,
stick with the 4 plants for now, a great starting point, u can adjust that in future grows.!!

your lights will cover a 4x4 area of the 5x5 tent in flower, perfect for 4 medium sized plants.

i think u would be much happier with the 750 cfm fan.!!
don’t forget some circulating fans to hang inside the tent.!

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Thanks yet again! Please excuse my ignorance and I appreciate your patience.

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nothing to excuse.!!!
we all want to see everyone succeed.!!
keep growing and posting.!!

here is my miniature grow room…

both chambers r 25" wide x 32’’ deep x 42" tall.

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That’s awesome, bud! Way to work!

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I think doing LST and topping once first time through really gives you a idea of how the plant reacts to what you are doing which makes it easier to understand how you will get them to grow how you want them to in the future grows . That said I am with basementstelth I love doing a manifold from seed

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Do you really think mainlining would be a bit much for a first grow?

I would say that it is totally doable if that is the route you choose :grin:

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