Total Newbie - Strain Recommendation

First grow ever, need a recommendation for strain to go with. Easy to grow, good getting ride of pain, and won’t put you to sleep. Like I said total newbie that has zero clue what i’m doing or what i’m looking for. Great at gardening, outside. This will be my first every tent grow of anything so it will be a learning experience all the way around.


Hi there. welcome to the happy place.
Many pros here to help you. Do you have all equipment you will need? I went with a cheap light first, bad bad idea. Then go to a better one, but not good enough to flower. so I got a very nice one that works great!
There are many that can guide you here. You will love your new hobby :crazy_face:


You are in the right place.

I love Northern Lights for relaxation and pain management. Easy to grow

I waited until 50% of trichomes were amber to enhance the desired effect.

Here were 2 of my Northern Lights same strain just different color…and this was my first grow ever!!.. turned out great.

Good luck!


Hope we are good. Not a cheap light but won’t know how it does until I get something growing. Fingers crossed.


Do you have a tent or lights, etc?

4x4 tent and lights coming this week.

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Got cha. You will do great.

These people are here for you. Amazingly… most of them have no egos. They are just trying to pass it on… they were once exactly where you are now. And they know it.


Thank you. Hope for a few good recommendations before I purchase. Northern lights is a good possibility but is shows sleepy as a side effect. Was hoping to stay away from sleepy. Lol.

@graysin tagging him because he is awesoMe and knows a thing or two and if you need any help he can help.


White Widow is 60% indica and 40% sativa if you want to look at that before the Pros on here chime in.

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Thank you for the white widow recommendation. That one sounds like a likely first try. I’ll keep looking and open to any other recommendations.

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White Widow is one for all levels of growers. Hard to kill. Amazing terps. Underrated high. Trust me youll love it.

Blue Dream is another everyone loves but can get unruly with the growth.


Thanks for the tag @FloridaSmoke -
I missed what the Q is - or are?

Anything 50/50 or heavier on the sativa lean. I have a Lemon Tree that is perfect to stay up if you keep moving and helps pain instantly, but is a perfect hybrid so if you stop moving you tend to wanna sleep :rofl:
I mostly grow indicas so I’m not sure I can help a ton. The next on my list that’s not indica heavy is Cinderella 99, but I don’t think it’s available on ILGM.


White widow auto

I do WW for pain and sleep. I harvest at 8-9 weeks for pain (and a racy high) and 10-11 weeks for my sleep meds…


welcome to the community, im with the others on white widow. I am growing it myself.

Thank you all for the suggestions. Going with the white widow for the first grow.


I grow gg4 for pain. I supply myself and a couple of disabled friends. Works great but can get sedative if allowed to go amber. I do that for sleep meds.

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