Total newbie, maiden voyage

Got my 5 seeds on Thursday, put two of them in a shot glass of water Friday, one floated one did not - and then they both floated. The little tap root appeared and said put me in a pot Sunday, which I did. I don’t have my tent up yet so I used 2 cottage cheese containers for now.

I’m excited. The medium I’m using is humanure from my compost bin - also containing lawn clippings, kitchen scraps, and coco coir, (should be interesting).


Best of luck! Are they regular or auto seeds? I hope your humanure does’nt have human waste also! Lol hahaha.

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mbb, Idunno. They’re supposed to be feminized cherrypie, does that count for anything :tongue:

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By regular i meant photoperiod. Sounds like they are. Best of luck. I just dropped 6 Jack Herer autos last night (3 have split already). I hope your mix rocks em!!


@Calamity_HAZE, Hello buddy and welcome to the forum, I’m into composting myself but I wouldn’t recommend using it on a seedlings it might be to hot and stunt is growth., Try a different soil for the seedling stage and after a roots system has be established you can transplant into a bigger pot with your compost mix, best of luck on your grow my friend


I agree with @Mrcrabs maybe a bit hot for them. But best of luck man.


Welcome @Calamity_HAZE
Sounds good i also agree that you composted soil maybe a little yo hot for the sprouts time will tell
Happy growing :v: CB


All very good recommendations.
I’ll watch my girls closely and do a mix transfer as soon as possible. Thanks all for looking out for me.
:arrow_right: Seriously a total newbie!

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Look into getting a neutral starter type soil
I use promix bx from start to finish my self but any similar product should work
Also good seed starter soil is also a option and should be readily available at your local garden center or box store

The girls are up since yesterday, they are looking good.

My little darlings are coming along. This being my first attempt ever at a grow, I have no idea if the start, 19 days ago, was a struggle for my two girls or if everything is coming along in a normal expected way.

I’ve had the indoor grow tent up and going the last 4 days, before I was carrying them indoors and out on a daily basis. The hold up was the tray. The tent came with a “tray” that was causing me some consternation in that there were no instructions and my brain was insisting it fit on the outside of the tube supports instead of just casually resting inside the tubes, looking all well and good and serviceable. Tip off should have been the key word, “removable.” Once my brain readjusted to how it is supposed to be, all went well.

The girls love the tent, I love the tent, my cat is very curious of the always closed tent, it is his nature. In fact, I had to put a box in front of the spot on the tent where the three zippers meet and close the tent, because Mr Rory was trying to work them. I’ve picked him up and allowed him to peer inside hoping that would appease his curious gene, and no, in kitty brain the tent is simply one more area he is challenged to conquer and call his own. Love him, but oh that curious nature!

I did get my billing statement for the credit card I used, and as predicted, enough time had passed between placing the order and then seeing the billing, it caused me a few minutes of scrunchy brow syndrome trying to get to the bottom of “Who charged $89 on my credit card from a foreign country!” The $89 and date on the charge were the clues that cracked the case.

Yes indeed, I did transfer my babies from the compost only mix to just regular potting at the earliest point I dared. The girls seem to have taken the move well. I was concerned they would go all yellow and brown becoming history. They didn’t. Safe to say at this point my grow is off and running. Thanks to all who read and threw up caution flags on that one for me. A lamb to the lions was I.

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Lol happy you got on the right track. Would love to see photos of the girls gettin it together. If u have them of course. If not. Dont forget us next time u peek in there with Mr Rory :joy::joy:

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