Total newbie looking for reassurance!

Hi, sorry I posted this somewhere else as well I think. So I am a totally new grower, who has pretty much chucked it in a pot and waited to see! I bought an autoflowering dwarf variety (she is a tiny queen) and I planted her with a fertaliser that said it would see her all the way through. She’s been growing quite happy on the patio, and since the end of June has started to bud. I just don’t know if she looks ok tho? I bought a magnifying glass but I still can’t see if the trichomes are clear or milky? There doesn’t seem to be that many either? She’s got a light smell but only up close. We’re going away in a few weeks and i really wanted to harvest before then but I’m not sure if she’s on the right track or not? I’ve posted a picture from end of june when she started to bud and today. Any help gratefully received!


Your first grow looks great but I believe you are quite a ways from harvest. All those white pistols need to turn amber, dry up and recede back to the bud. At that point focus on the trichs.

You may wanna get a jewelers loop so you can see the trichs up close.

Not sure when you are going on vacation but if any time soon, I’d wait till you return.


@HotAndHumid ,You beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::rofl::rofl: I would say 6 weeks or better for harvest. The pistils will been 80% brown then start checking trichs


Thank you so much! Jewlers hoop has been ordered! So maybe mid to end of august if I can keep her alive that long!


8 to 10 weeks from first sign of flowering


Your plant is looking good. Patience is the hardest part of growing


Stackin buddy stackin!