Total newbie looking for advice on lighting!

Hi all,
Looking at getting a 1.2x1.2x2 Gorilla tent.

I have read and read on lights, but an now just more confused than when i started.

I was looking at spending around AUD$400-500 and after some basic recommendations for something that i can just plug in and go (not things i need to piss about wiring - not my forte especially after a biff or two).

cheers in advance

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Hello and welcome to the forum.
For a decent led, Mars leds are not too bad. They do get hot though. Somthing that will be a hassle come summer time.
I have lights from cutter electronics. Had to put them together but not to hard, no soldering required…
They are good people, if the website is too confusing you can call them and have a chat.
May I also call the resident light specialist and all-round good guy @dbrn32…

Thanks Bud
wow, just looked at their website - not a scooby doo what all that was about…
I think i need something simple, plug and go…
heat is a worry - especially up here in SE QLD come summer - decent exhaust fan should help?


I have no idea what the exchange rate is or exactly what is available to members from down under, sorry. I think you have a couple of authorized dealers for horticulture lighting group. They make excellent fixtures, but I suspect budget may be a bit low for light large enough for a 4x4. I could be wrong though?

If diy isn’t an option, I’m hoping some of the other members can help.


Thanks dbrn

I was looking at these

seems LED is the way to go over MH / HPS


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Like I said, if their website’s to confusing you can give them a call. They’re good people and easy to talk to. Explain what you need and they will point you in the right direction…

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They don’t look too bad.
I think you might need two for flower. @dbrn32?

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I had to remove links as they are from unauthorized vendor, sorry.

Two of the bigger models would probably do alright in 4x4, but that’s way over your posted budget. the smaller one you would need more like 4 of.

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cheers Coop

Seems to be legit for a 3x3, in flower so figured I returned my blurple didnt come close to what it described in wattage. Its pricey but bite the bullet. I have a 4 yr old lemon tree where itll find its home in the winter. So duel purpose. These quantum boards are where it’s at if you wanna keep your bills down. Low key …


I concur…

Was gifted one from @crazyots.
My first qb. No going back from there.

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Do you know what the brightness is preset to

Not sure what you mean mate…

Thers a screw on the driver to which you can adjust the brightness . Wasn’t sure what it was preset to. I’d imagine not 100%

I think mine was on low when straight out of the box. Can’t remember but I did remove the plug and have a play. I just run mine on low untill flower then turn right up. …

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All the way up then back off a bit?

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