Total newbie first harvest


Hi i am a new grower this is my first grow outdoors its white skunk auto
Do you think it is ready to harvest I have read up on it but can’t decide if it looks right


Not quite ready. There seems to be a lot of white in the pistils (hairs). I would check trichromes up close. Autos mature pretty quickly so if I had to guess from the picture, I’d say you still have a couple weeks left.


Thanks I wasn’t sure


Keep an eye on the trichromes. As they start to turn amber that’s when you want to think about when to harvest depending on how stoney mahoney you wanna get :drooling_face:


Cheers are amber better than cloudy trichromes that I have read about


Amber actually means the THC is starting to break down, so it gives the smoke a more sedating or couch-lock high. You want to cut her down right as that starts to happen when 10-20% of the trichs are amber.


Thanks I will keep an eye on it