Total beginners!


Hi guys we are total newbies to this! From advice from friends we have ordered Critial +2 Dinafem Autoflowering and Baby Boom Auto CBD - any advice welcome x


Read, read, study and read more. Patience, patience and patience. Ask any and all questions, and take lots of pictures to go with those questions.

Also keeping a journal here has been a life saver for me.

Good luck!


What she said! Haha, @rodri59 is right on. Ask questions. Lots of people who are happy to help out. You’ll just have to show us pictures of your plants!


Hi :wave:. Will you be growing outside or inside, in soil or other medium? There’s some great helpful folks here who will do their dardness to help you succeed!


WELCOME :slight_smile: U picked the right place! Everyone here is awesome and super helpful :slight_smile:


This is now a grow journal :slight_smile:


Hahaha yup all good advice
Welcome to the forum @Leafqueen
As you can see we have a friendly good of members frim all over the world :earth_americas::earth_africa:
You definitely picked the right place to get the help and info you need happy growing :v:️CB


Welcome @Leafqueen use have started small which is great for you own experience but there are some excellent people on this forum that will be able to give you the best advice.


Thanks for the welcome guys! We’re in sunny South East Spain on the coast so will be growing outdoors - will post pics and ask lots of questions I’m sure :slight_smile:


Awesome :clap: @Leafqueen
Im not familar with Spain Cannabis laws
Is the Government a friendly one or are you guys like us in the USA and have a hostile Federal Government
At least we are getting the states in line haha first step :+1:


Wanted to say welcome. As you can see its a great place. No question is stupid except the one not asked. We All Love Growing Marijuana & look for ways to tweek our systems and improve our grow.


Welcome @Leafqueen looking forward to watching your grow


@Countryboyjvd1971 Our Government is pretty friendly! We can have 3 plants per household legally - we have a Guardia Civil (Police!) as a neighbour so we’re sticking to 3 :wink:



That say’s it all !! PERFECT !