Total beginner, first grow

So I’ve never actually grown before, I’ve always lived in areas with abundant “street” access to different varieties especially after those states passed medical laws. I recently moved to a new state that is less progressive regarding this and I no longer have sources. Since I much prefer and feel as though I get better results by smoking than taking the prescribed medication, I have decided to start my own operation to facilitate my needs. I have a very small “allowable” budget from my SO and I currently have 2 plants started (seeds found in an old rolling box to experiment with on my first try) about 2-3 weeks into veg, getting 20-10-10 nutrients diluted by half of the package directions every other water, and currently growing under four 100w daylight led light bulbs set at about 6-8 inches above the plants 2 per plant (I’ll upgrade to better lights as soon as I can increase my budget). My current grow space will allow up to 4 1/2 feet of height, though I can increase this to about 6 feet after modifications but that also takes an increase to my budget. My plants are looking very healthy at 6" and 8" currently. I’m wondering what ratio of NPK I should look for in the coming month or two as I move into flowering. I was thinking of picking up a 4-12-4 in the coming days to be ready but I wanted to know if that would be good. Any tips, comments, or advise would be greatly appreciated. I know I don’t have the best setup right now but I’m hoping it’ll suffice for now to allow for an oz/month usage rate. I do have some WW autoflowers to begin next, on 2-3 week staggered starts but I wanted to get my feet wet and better understand the process first. Oh, and the 8" was FIMed two days ago and the 6" was topped to the third node at the same time, so I can personally understand the differences even though those techniques aren’t to be used with autos. I am very interested in having a continued operation and growing different strains later. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and update this post. Looking forward to hearing from this awesome community and I’ll continue checking out other posts on this forum as I have, as a non-member, for the last month.



Looks good buddy


Looks good. Might want to think about topping soon

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They are beautiful! As far as NPK levels go, maybe try a 4:2:3 during early veg. Keep growing!

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Welcome to the forum @purplethunder @Tebvass, it looks like you are off to a great start.