Toss or keep the Blue Dream autos

These are feminized Blue Dream Autos and feminized Amnesia autos entering their seventh week. I grew the Blue Dream once before and watched as they grew to five feet. I suspected that they became hermaphrodites and decided to toss them. This time I decided to try LST on them (first attempt and even though in the fourth week probably did it too late) as I am growing Amnesia autos in the same space (first LST attempt also) and wanted to try keeping the canopy even. I was seeing very little growth on BD and decided after watering them and fertilizing them last week that I would not look at them for a week to see if the growth would be more noticeable. This morning there are numerous colas developing but they look very spindly. Most photos that I have seen of BD autos show large, full colas but I just don’t see that happening with the time left on these. I noticed a clump of white powder at one of the nodes (brushed it off before I could take a photo and no powder anywhere else). The gender pods look suspicious, but I am a newbie so…? If they are hermaphrodite should I pull them up? I worry that they will spread to the Amnesias (photos as well) but I think the Amnesias look ok.

Using 3-gallon cloth grow pots, distilled water, Fox Farm Happy Frog potting soil (the regular not the hotter Ocean type), and Happy Frog dry organic fertilizer, following Happy Frog’s schedule. Light is a VIPARSPECTRA P2000 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum with Samsung LEDs (Includes IR), 18 – 6 schedule at 24 inches.

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I’d let it finish. Mite surprise you. I always grow photos though.

I would leave it… the first few photos (long and leggy) look like the plant isn’t getting enough light… move light closer or turn up.


Are these plants outdoors? Pr is it possible they have been around a male plant flowering? Just seems like one maybe making seeds… n the other has dark pistils pretty early.

The Dream needs more light (like mentiond above) and she’ll produce nicely

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Hi and thanks. They are inside in an unused bathroom tub. The white porcelain reflects very well but you think more light would be beneficial… Not around any male plants unless the supplier screwed up and sent a male seed… Yes, I thought that the dark pistils were showing up to early but I read that this is sometimes common.

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Possible that the female hermied on you. Im fairly certain I can see seeds poking out of calyx

If so, that will definitely hurt yield. When plants get pollenated and begin to focus on seed production, less energy goes into trichome maturation and calyx (bud) development

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My first thought was seeds. You can see something white within that specific pod.

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That first plant is male. Id get rid of it quickly

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The other BD is in the same shape so I only took a photo of the one. This happened to the last BD and they all came from the same pack of five so I suspect they were mislabeled. I think I will toss the BDs and just go with the Amnesias for this round.

Id still grow out any more seeds you may have. Sometimes they get stressd and turn hermie. Some plants more easily then others.

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If it was me I would start over especially with a male or hermie is in the mix. That pollen gets everywhere

Whats your PH, Leaves are looking really dark green to me