Toss And Grow no recipe soils to use?

I am a big fan of keeping things as simple and easy as possible. I used a jiffy pod on my last attempted grow and this plant as well as my last loved it. The last plant started off beautiful an in week 4 I killed it using Fox Farm grow big. So here I am week 2 almost week 3 and have a beautiful plant. I have FFO and I have all the Fox Farm liquid fertilizers on hand. Anyway I don’t want to screw this up this time, so what can I use no measuring this or that just toss the plant in the soil and be done with it? I was thinking since the seedlings seem to like the jiffy pod…I could use like 20 jiffy pods and mix it together and make it a potting soil…(I don’t think it’s very practical though) I could throw the seedling in FFO and hope for the best or I could try to get some peat moss and toss it in peat. I can also go down and pick up the Tree frog stuff (whatever it’s called the stuff people talk about) anyway I want easy toss to avoid killing plant 3.

Hey @Wyldepurplewizard
What are your plants in right now? Buckets, fabric pots? Cardboard boxes…lol
Got any photos?
I use Jacks 321 ferts and it couldn’t be easier.
You could possible just top dress some compost into your soil.
Photos would help us too. Plants have to eat and you have to supply that somehow.
Super soils are designed to work with water only all the way through but you have to start off with those.

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It’s in a red solo cup…when I transplant I will use the old fabric pot from
previous dead plant maybe just rinse it out. What is this stuff your talking about and where do I buy it? (I am bucket growing through) week 3 of the old pant I used grow Big Ff and the plant just died after that. I tried to save it but it turned yellow and died.

Hers a link to some info

If it’s working then heck your doing better then me because I killed two plants. If it works then I’d keep doing it.

Never tried it but I hear good things about this.

I’m growing basically in the ground in organic soil…I’ve used FF nutes the entire grow and haven’t had this problem….if you’re not diluting this nutrient line with at least a gallon of water to AT MOST 4 teaspoons of nutes then yea…you torched em…

What I’ve done is mix up a gallon of nutrients…

Dosage doesn’t matter as I’ve tested this feeding schedule using the dosage parameters set on the nutrients packaging

Split the feeding within a week to 2 feedings…half gallon on Saturday night….other half the following Wednesday night….

I have yet to severely do any damage of the nature you’re talking about and I honestly wonder if the stuff you’re reusing isn’t loaded with all sorts of different things to throw cannabis plant levels off fast enough to actually kill plants outright…

Less is more with pot….if you’re wondering whether they’ll just simply grow…try it and leave em alone for 3months….crawl before you walk


So I should be good just tossing it into to oceans farm and leaving it? This plant is an auto grow

Are you using liquid form of nutrients for soil based growing?

After mixing up a batch…

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I don’t care to be honest. I have the fox farm liquid fertilizer but if I don’t have to use it fine by me. I just have the 2 week old plant in a solo cup. I’ve done nothing but add water and it’s doing great. It’s in a jiffy pod but I been here before and this is the time I usually kill plants. So I am trying to avoid that this time. I only used the fret last time because the bottle said I could at week 2…and the plant died right then. It took several weeks but the plant died right then for all arguments sake.

Just pour around where your roots “should be”

Drew a line in dirt…I always try and pour around the stem not directly on it

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I used that and my plant died. I did as instructed. 1 teaspoon for a one gallon container and th plant died.

I am growing in a bucket when I transplant so your plant is way bigger then mine will be. I am using 3 gallon fabric container in a bucket

If you transplant into Fox Farm Ocean Forest you wont have to feed for at least a month or maybe 6 weeks.
After that you start at 1/2 strength on the nutrients and just watch your plants for signs of under feeding. Then work up if needed.


Yea for FF nutes 2 weeks might be early enough that could happen…

Honestly if you’re not worried about it and the plants are doing ok without then you’re fine…just don’t expect huge solid nugs to be snappin photos of for Bud Of The Month….and yes the Ocean Forest soil WILL kill your plants if ya add nutes that soon

Good luck hope ya figure it out :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t2:


Fabric pot in a bucket?
Do you have a way to drain the water that comes out? You dont want it to set in a pool of drained water.

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Before I was using Regular potting soil but I don’t know what it had in it. Just $4.00 soil I had picked up at Home Depot.

This is most definitely a cause for concern before any nutrients

I got holes drilled into the bucket and the fabric is also drain drain friendly