Torture victim, for science

Ok so I’m starting this thread specifically for this torture victim. Shit just kind of happens to it. We see if it lives or what happens. I can say for sure it’s surely had damage done to it that would’ve killed it three times. If I didn’t just rebury it or deeper. As you can see it’s now burried under the first two sets of leaves, non nodes. I just pulled em down taking the outside with. Figure more roots. Like 3 clones in one. It can’t stand anymore being burried any less. This guy is as old as my big ones on other thread.

Funny thing. It took to the torture and bounded back so well it’s now my greatest performer in first grow. Lol. I assume I out too much light to quickly with not enough water on the other two. Will probably try to reveg and clone her, she took the rest…

I basically flayed this thing at one point and buried it up beyond.