Tops burnt in just a few hours

Hello. I went to the greenhouse yesterday and everything was fine. A bit crowded but otherwise ok. I have been attempting to tie back any unruly growth the last week and had run out of the soft plant ties I had been working with. To just have something in place while I restocked today I ran a string across the greenhouse and bent the branches under. Like I said it was just intended to keep them from pressing against the top until I restocked today. The heat has been nasty this year. We’ve consistently hitting 30 plus and with humidity it gets worse. Today was a bit cooler but not much at 28 I think with humidity it was around 31. Its now not quite 6pm and I’ve been back for an hour or so. I tied these down sloppily just to get them from making contact any further. The string I had in place is still there however the branches simply changed direction and bent up around the string and made contact sometime this morning. Probably sat for 8 + hours in contact with the ceiling. The two with notable damage are blue dream and seem to be favoring its sativa side. As such it hasn’t started to show any signs of flowering unlike the bubba next to it which has already developed bud sights. I’m wondering what is the best option for the blue dreams that have sections that are damaged by burning? Is there still time to top those sections? Do I trim of what is damaged and leave the rest? Or just continue to tie it down and hope for the best? I would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you in advance for your time.

Nothing you can do but remove the affected plant material: it’s pretty dead.

Hi sorry it took me a bit. As it hasn’t started to show the beginning signs of flowering yet do you think it still has to go through its stretch period ? I guess I’m asking how much would you remove given that its been bent and tied down but there really isn’t any more room for vertical growth it’s already over the 7 foot ceiling height

Look up “Supercropping” and if plant hasn’t hardened off you can do some pretty severe training. Don’t cut any more plant material off than you have to.

Cheers. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate you taking the time to help me with my problem