What’s the latest you can top ?? my plants are about 5 to 5 1/2 ft. tall ?? Thanks in advance



You can top almost anytime and any size during veg, you can top numerous times during veg to train your plant, it depends on how you train and grow your plants. You can do a final topping right before or right at the beginning of flowering.


If I were to top a plant; It would be 2 weeks before I planned to induce 12/12 phot0 period. I am not a big advocate of topping plants. I believe that the yield is not affected; Either way. I am commenting on a plant growing from seed. The stress placed on any plant, every time you top it or stress it; Wiill result in less yield.


Topping slows growth as the plant has to heal, if done right it will not lower yeild, as you can just continue your “grow” photo period, in photo period cannabis plants, for the extra days the plant needs to heal.

The only topping I would do after the flowering had begun, would be more of a pruning, to maybe remove some stems or flowers that would not really develop into large buds, ones I maybe missed during the previous training and pruning, so that the plant will devote the majority of its energy in growing the rest of the larger buds to be huge buds.

It is not as good an idea for autoflowers.


Sorry for the late reply , being that late in the game it is still possible to clone those prunings ? right ??