Topping White Widow Auto


I’m getting ready to top a WW auto, and thought I’d document it here. For starters, here’s the lady we’ll be working with:

That’s from yesterday, but I think she’ll be ready by tomorrow. I’ll post daily pics, and if she responds like the last one (my first experiment with topping autos), I’ll be a pretty happy papa!


Looking great. But if I were you. I would let it get a little bigger yet. Not much but a little bigger. Just saying! No harm intended.


Ah, but you’re not a PIRATE, AARRR!!!


Neither am I but I agree with @RonAz420 ,100% let get get in bed first



The whole point is topping it early. I read an article about this, tried it, and it worked, so I’m trying it again. I’m not seeking advice per se, I’m just documenting the process because a couple of people expressed interest in it in my regular grow blog.

I looked at it just now, it’s got a nice growth, I could just pinch it off like last time, but I think I might try to FIM-cut it (cut off top 80% only) and see if I can get more than 2 new shoots. That’s a slight variation on the plan, but we’ll see here later this afternoon.


Here’s our target, morning of, couple different angles and zooms. Prob snip her this evening (about 15 hours from now), leaning toward the FIM!


No disrespect, but if you had said that at first time then @RonAz420 and I would have had said something else other than what we did.
But if it worked for you the last time than that’s great and I look forward to your results.



Agreed! Happy growing this season!


Yes, but then I wouldn’t be a PIRATE, AARRR!!


This is true…lmao


Doh! Yes, I should have mentioned, this is an experiment shown strictly for your entertainment! I was out of town for the 5 days following my last WWA topping, so even though it worked great, I didn’t get any good pics of the process.

I’m going to try a FIM, I’ve got alcohol and snippers ready to go!


Reckon I’m too late?


Here she goes! I think I cut too deep for a FIM, think this counts as a topping, we’ll see. Did the deed last night:


You could still try! The article I read said no later than 3 weeks.


Time to research lol I skipped all topping articles as I had an auto :neutral_face:


It’s been about 17 hours or so, no big changes, but I’ll keep snapping pics to mark progress:


What the hey. I tried it. Lol


2nd morning post-snip, and it looks like we’ve got some activity! The risk of FIMing is that you don’t get two shoots, but still just get one (though you could also get 3 or 4, it’s nature’s roulette wheel), but I think I cut deep enough to qualify this as a topping instead of a FIM. Time will tell, I think I see 2 distinct growths getting started:


Looks like I’m getting some shoots! Could there be 3?! :slight_smile:


I think it’s looking great, hope she’s huge so everyone will stop hating on topping autos here!