Topping today, should I clone my tops?

I have 8 plants getting their first haircuts today. They are 6-7 nodes tall. Should I clip off a whole node and clone my tops? I have never cloned before but I have clone x and grodan cubes and an incubation area. I guess my question would be, will the tops make good clones or should I grow the plant more before cloning a lower shoot like in articles and pictures I have seen?

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You could take 2-3 nodes and get some nice clones, I did this (and then some) to turn 3 mothers into another 9 clones, threw away 3 clones (no space) and I am currently flowering the 3 mothers + 6 remaining clones.

Are these plants from feminized seeds?

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Yes you can clone them with a dome and heated mat being the easiest.


Yeah, seeds are fem photos, 3 canuck cookies and 3 zskittles glue and the last two are random bag seeds for a little variety, I will not be cloning those. Thanks for the info. I will be cloning the tops.