Topping to early?

I topped one of my little ladies today for the first time on its 3rd node. I was wondering if this was too early or not. I’ve read a lot of controversy about it. And If I did it too early then will my plant recover from the topping okay?

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Just asking…did your plant just reach the third set of leaves and you topped? Or was it more mature, up to the 6th set of leaves or so?

The plant should be growing and healthy in the vegetative stage before topping, after the 4th or 5th set of real leaves are growing.

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From what I saw it looked like it was starting on its 4th node.

She should be fine. It looks like you have good leaves so your plant should recover well! You probably should have waited until they had another set of leaves, but she should still recover well, might take a little while longer than normal because of how small she is.

I’ll wait To top my second one then. What exactly is pruning and when do you know when to do it? I know it has to deal with taking leaves off at a certain point to increase yeild I think.

Never mind I found a topic on it. Thanks for the help!


From what I’ve just read, topping before veg stage can really stress a plant, slowing it down substantially. It makes sense, wait for veg…4th set of leaves for yours, you just made it :raised_hands:!!

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