Topping (siding)

So if you have a young mother plant can you top the side shoots(sucker branch)? Not looking for bud yield but looking for clone site yield .
Thanks for any tips,lol :sunglasses::metal: to early???

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Yes you can. I do it with side shoots that are poking up above the canopy.

Wow even that long into veg!?!

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Had 2 momma’s I accidentally let start flowering so I just went and retopped all the bud sites from earlier topping and topped the couple of suckers they have.
Experiment for me :wink: I also slobbed on a couple of clippings and shoved them in the pot :+1:

I’ve always tried to have all my topping out of the way by week 3-4 but now you’ve giving me new found hope and knowledge.

I topped a shoot on my current grow since it was taller than the canopy. I usually do it once or twice a grow, depending on how she shapes up.

I topped the mains on my current grow 3 times. I usually only do 2 toppings.

My current is also 3, 8top. The momma’s was my concern since A. I let them slip n2 preflower(revegging now) B. Never topped one this late.