Topping results

Loving the progress. Before and after topping. 3 days time


That is very impressive growth…keep up the good work!


I’m kinda shocked myself. I expected it to stall out for a bit but she blew up on me instead

Hey guys.
Is this plant ready for topping? She is like 3 weeks old (no Autoflower).

This is a plant a friend of mine is growing atm and he wants to know if he can top her already… when should he top her? Beginning of the day cycle/night cycle?

I top my plants around the 5th node. This one appears to be working on the 6th. I don’t think time of day matters a while lot, but I tend to do it before lights out @JedSanders

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What about cutting of some small leaves at the bottom?

I leave them until they start to die off. Those leaves have nutrients stored in them that will feed new growth later on.

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Topping can cause leaves to get brown/yellowish right? Is it useful to cut them of if this happens?

I’ve never had any of my leaves turn chlorotic or necrotic from topping. If they are, there is probably an underlying issue or it could just be natural cannibalizing of the leaves. (Using its stores nutrients)

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Thank you for your advice!

No problem! Anytime!

That’s about where I top mine. Looks like you might have one more node than mine though.