Topping questions?

Large plants (6’ to 8’ plants) that are getting to large for their grow space. It is a out door grow in a 8x12 green house. They are about to touch the peak of the interior roof and the plants still have a month plus of Veg. And flowering stretch to account for. I would like to keep them in the green house for the whole grow. Is it safe to do a drastic topping of these mature plants? Will it negatively impact my grow…?? Thanks ahead of time for any help!

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My greenhouse is 6x10x8.5H. With three years growing bag seeds, I was 8 to 11.5 ft. After joining the Forum, I found out that I was "Monster Cropping " it worked! Bend them over…Look it up.

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Monster cropping is cloning a flowering plant. super cropping is what you’ll want to look into. The branches up top should still be soft enough to pull down.

Gorgeous plants, btw!

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You got me there, I guess I described What I did better than naming it! I had a problem, came up with, bending. Then I discovered ILGM and the Forum. I’m curious to see if my new "Store "bought seeds hit the ceiling. I got one Gold Leaf about 60in. now

I’d definitely top with a month left of veg. Start bending those shoots down too to promote lateral growth. This will help with the height issue and give you more bud sites.

Decided to build a area for the plants to put them outdoors. They are now close to 10 feet tall … Heavy rain the second day out doors weighed down and broke a few limbs.So I had to Build a few cages to help support them for weather and hopefully bud weight.