Topping Questions and Support

Never topped before unfortunately. These are a month in is it to late to start the topping process? Just want some information or some insight as I’ve never done this type of growth. As in my other post I’m at the end of my first autoflower run thank you for any help given

Strain: White Widow
Type: Photoperiod
Growth: 1 month
Medium: 75% Ocean Forest 25% Light Warrior
Nutes: Fox Farm Trio Pack

No you can still top them its still pretty early on. Top, then as soon and it nodes off and u see growth in the nodes you can top again. Rinse and repeat until your desired amount of tops is achieved

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Should i be taking off those huge fan leave as well? theyre pretty big already

Wow Mizz I extremely appreciate all the information 100% that’s awesome! Definitely a note taker here so this will help a bunch for me. Appreciate your kindness

I would like for you to read the IL:GM Forum Policy. We do not allow links ot competing websites or seedbanks. We have deleted your post in ti;s entirety due to the fact that editing out your links would take any calrification or sense out of the post.

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There are a lot of grwoers and topics on topping here in the forum and in the Blog Articles. We hope you will take advantage of sall the info here at ILGM. Peace, lw

Here is a link to a topic here on ILGM with great info on topping. :slight_smile:

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Maybe this one…

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Wrong post

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Not at first. Wait a few weeks. I usually top 2 times before I remove the first set of fan leaves.


Holy Hell those look awesome hahah that’s really good