Topping Question - When to remove fan leaves?

I hope you dont mind but you just cracked open a can of curiosity. I have heard of Mykos and Mycorrhizae but I do not know anything about it other than it is a fungus that helps nutrient absorption by forming a symbiotic relationship with the plants. the plant provides sugars and the fungus feeds the plant (correct me if I’m wrong).

Can this be used in coco? what are the risks/concerns? anything else I should be aware of?

If you want to point me towards a source if that’s easier, I wont be offended.

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I use it with everything. I’m running coco for the solos right now. Think of it like a sponge encasing the roots that pulls in nutrients. :+1:

I even mix it in soil/coco

@Low This is Gold Leaf Fem. I topped her early as well. It has developed an additional top on a lower node. Curious if you’ve ever seen this?

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That’s pretty cool! Plants do strange things. Just have to wait and see how it develops.

I’ve had branches come in under the cotyledons on a couple of the younger ones I’m growing now. I’m pretty sure they never developed and died off but I haven’t checked recently.

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Whoa, that’s wild. I’ll send you a pic in a week or so when it has grown in a bit more.

I have some garbage plants (not very stable/consistent genetically) I’m flowering now that have flowers growing in between the fans and tops, which I haven’t seen before.

Plants are weird, thats why I love growing.

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I use to grow regular seeds and have them tested for sex at 2 weeks. That service costs around 120 i believe for 10 test. If you think about the cost for raising 6 plants for 3-6 weeks and you have a potential for a bunch of wasted time, soil, nutes, energy and water. IMO the test is worth the cost.


I’ve heard of the services. Might consider it in the future. For the time being I’m not in a rush. Still gonna veg for a while any way. I sex in solos so I’m not wasting much.

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