Topping question for noob

So I think my plants have about 7 nodes at this point. I have seen info saying top after 3 nodes. It looks like I am long over due on this front. Should I only take one node at this point? Or do you take it down to three -removing four nodes? That seems like it would be too traumatic to the plant imho but I am new to this so I leave it to the experts out there to advise. As always I really appreciate any advice given.

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Are you growing autoflowers or photo period plants?

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not sure. My son got the seeds and was told only that they were feminized

Can you post a photo of the whole plant?
We wont be able to tell if its auto or photo but it might help decide how to proceed.

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Your kinda in the dark with random seed. Some strains love being topped especially Sativa dominate strains but some Indicas don’t. If indoors your setup matters also as many top to control height.


I’m sure this isn’t your case, but my kid is 12 and I can just picture him coming home from school, handing me a package and saying “ Dad, I’m not sure if these are autos or photos but dude said they are fems”



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I like to top my photos at about 6 or 7 Nodes. And Fim autos at 4 or 5 nodes. And it’s also about managing your space to spread it out and get the most buds you can. Good luck

Ha ha. No my son is an adult now.

This one seems to have developed some kind of "cannascoliosis " Any ideas on what would be the issue?