Topping outdoor photos

My first outdoor grow,should I top my plants

Too many unknowns to even venture a suggestion! Sativa vs Indica, in soil or pots, nosey neighbors, etc. Who wouldn’t want a 9’ giant bush that is about as wide? Sativas are the ones with the Giant genes!

Sorry,I live way,way,way out in the Texas hill country and have zero concerns with people and discovery.this my second grow total first outdoors.plants are in 30 gallon fabric pots.I use Fox farms happy frog soil and nutes.I topped all six of my indoor grow,with super cropping and had good results.

Ak 47 is what I’ve got for this outdoor grow, 2 plants. I don’t mind using one as test subject

Read the info about AK-47 on the site. It is not one recommended for outdoor grows. Doesn’t mean you can’t, but this may not end in the best results. Learn/read/study about topping on the site also. 2 other strains I look forward to growing outside and topping them to get best results are:

Growing Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

This strain is fairly easy to grow, especially indoors. Outdoors it can grow to substantial heights, so prepare accordingly. This plant is much easier to maintain when grown indoors. The plants are resilient and practically grow themselves. Outdoor plants can reach up to 7.5 feet tall when left alone with no special care.

ILGM’s Gold Leaf Strain is a great option for beginners looking to do an easy outdoor summer grow. By growing outdoors you can produce plants well over 7 feet tall from marijuana seeds that start to sprout almost immediately.

The strain also features a steady growth rate- a key feature that helps plants produce very high yields.

Basically, no.

Outside is easy, with plenty of light.
I’d be more concerned about pests than topping.

Topping and lst is for indoors.

You CAN top, but it’s not necessary. It’s just preference. You could top a few times. It’s choice.

Topping outside and making a few top while its small increases your yield. Yeah there’s enough light to grow a Christmas tree, but you are still going to end up with one big cola, a few big colas, then small crap buds. By topping and making your plants wider, or staking your plants down horizontal makes for better yield. Pest control is always top priority but why wouldn’t you want to increase your yield for all the time and effort you’re putting into a plant?. Yes its preference.


What dieselgrow says.

About 6wks into outdoor grow with ak-47,so far plants doing well. Temps range from 90 to 70 degrees,humidity runs about 50%.

I top outdoor just because I like the practice.

Harvested Ak47 on 9-20-21,26oz before curing