Topping or not?

Since this is my first grow, I have being doing my research and saw a method of limiting the height and make them grow bustier baby topping the plant , firstly shot scared that If I do that I will kill them, I am into my second week of the flower stage, would it be risky to do it now or can I feel safe doing it without a bad outcome?

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If you’re flowering you’re beyond the topping point.


G day mate. Ok thanx
damn, but now I know for next time.

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You can always bend the tall stems over


Your plants should still be pretty pliable in week two of flower. I probably wouldn’t top anything at this point, except to take flowering clones. It’s my first indoor grow, and I didn’t properly top/fim or do any sort of LST during veg. Wanted to, but kinda watched the paint dry, so to speak. Been playing catch up during flower trying to tie down buds, and even out the bud sites. My canopy is so uneven, it raised the number on the canopy’s surface area in sq ft, diminishing the effectiveness of my lights. Tough lesson to learn. Good luck with everything.

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No sweetie, top or fim in veg only


Thanks for your tips. One more question, I seem to be getting some condensation, will a fan stop that. Or should I decrease the power of my light.?

Reference a VPD chart. Your humidity and temp may not be jiving.

G day family man, I had a temp of 30 c in the veg stage, Now I am in flower, the temp is around 26 Celsius


I am getting ready to start 5 new ilgm gold leaf. What medium would do these ace genetics justice?. What would be the best way to start seedlings. I have clay balls for later, but I wanted an idea on what would be the best to start them out in . There is no way I will use rockwool