Topping or not? Too ahoet strain and first photo grow

Hey brothers, as my first time with photo, Im would appreciate some advice.

Its a Sweet Valley Kish, 27 days old with organic soil. The light is 135 w quantum board and tent is 40 x 40 cm.

Light is 20" from canopy. The “fabric”

pot is 11 l. Ph in 6.5 and runoff is 6.9.

Temps stay arround 23-28 lights ok and 18-21 lights off. 18/6 cycle.

Watering every 3/4 days with 1liter.

I havent an huge space, tbh its TOO SMALL space and Im thing to make some LST, I made some cause its too compact. But the baby is very short and brushy atm., so would worth it I try a TOP? Its the first time growing photos so im afraid of messy up everything here.Thank you, again!


I forgot to say, its a 4000k led painel, full spectrum, maybe this white/blue color makes they grow brushy?

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It’s really up to you to top or not honestly.
I sometimes do and sometimes don’t :person_shrugging:
With short compact (mostly indica traits) topping may not be needed to save space where taller (sativa trait plants) may need it to sabe space.

But the good thing is, its a photo period so you can do more with it then an autoflower and not have to worry about it flowering early on you :+1:


Spectrum can effect these traits for sure.
But from the leaf shape of the plant, that’s a very heavy indica plant and would probably be very compact and bushy anyway…

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Wow, nice advice, Ill think about it. If I decide to top, it should be done now right? Thank you so much.

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You most certainly could top it now or any time really. With autoflowers its definitely best to top early so we don’t trigger flower or stunt them.
But with photos it really dosen’t matter to much when…

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Hummmm I see!!

I read that it cannot took so long cause the roots needs to have an space to grow to recovert from the stress, and the flowering should be 9-10 week so I got a bet confuses, maybe one top with some LST will be my choice! Ty and have a nice week bro! :fire: