Topping or low stress training or both?

I found that some strains flower very quick so I’m not sure topping them is really the best since of there short life cycle LST seems to be the better choice but I’m curious on what feedback I could get

Depends, photo or auto?

Well I’m in the auto section so yea I’m talking autos


As long It’s done soon enough it will grow just fine. Some people have top there’s some people do the low stress training. All have been very successful. Top at about the 3rd node.


Didn’t see that small writing. It’ll be alright, plenty in this group have and so have I.

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I don’t do either to my autos personally and am averaging 5oz per auto.
A little bit of strategic thinning of fan leafs is all that’s needed I find.


With my experience with autos the short veg time I don’t top the Lambs on the sides will grow up and make a nice even canopy I agree with @Nicky I basically do the same thing good luck with your grow.

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I’ve had 2 self top and grew out to be nice bushes one produces around 7 oz the other around 5. Would have been more but I got bud rot and had to harvest early.

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Yea I my thinking is the strain I’m growing pineapple kush auto which is on the fast side. Yea topping helps the plant focus on getting a fat sturdy stem but it does take 6-7 days of growth for the split to catch up to the trauma. I think I’m going to do so vignerons LST as soon as I can tie down the main stem I’m gonna do it. My thought is has it grows up to the light every 3-4 days adjust and make like a spiral of colas if it booming and growing fast I might top some bottom mini colas and then I’ll tie it down so the topped cola is front and center. I’m using down to earth 3-3-3 organic seedling fertilizer in the solo cup and then transplant into the 4-4-4 organic fertilizer and some microbes and all I will have to do is water and replied the top soil with 4-4-4 once a month. Once I see the first sign of flower I’m gonna replenish the 4-4-4 and give it like 0-25-25 for flowering… does this seem like a viable plan after months of research ? I need to k ownfrom the pros

Thanks so mich for your reply

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This is a great article on this topic.
In summary,: if you have grown this strain before, its growing fast and healthy, environment conditions are good and the plant is more of a sativa leaning or tall plant strain then your good.

But for something like my lemon potions I grew and am growing again, leave them alone