Topping on my first ever grow need advice

My first grow. Is this plant ready to top? where should I cut it, not sure how many nodes it has…

She was ready 2-3 nodes ago.

Is it an auto?

And its purely subjective. Some people top the very top node (I wouldnt on urs, as she’s pretty tall already and will need supports as she matures)

Also with the amount of pistils you are seeing, she’s going into flower. If she’s an auto, u cannot recover any more veg time, so topping would be very detrimental to bug development


yes it is sour diesel auto. started out slow as I had bad well water. Changed to spring water and it came back to life. once it did it started growing pistils. I started it from seed back in late Nov. Should I just let this one grow without messing with it? I have 2 others in the same box that are a few weeks behind the one in the pic.



I ran some ball bat ilgm sour d autos. I never topped and had almost 8oz cured from 3. Let this one go, top the other to see the difference would be my suggestion. Good luck!

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I have 2 others in the box under blue Metal Halide with this one several weeks behind the one pictured. . I assume I will need to change to sodium flower lighting to ensure good flower growth on the older plant. will that hurt the veging of the younger ones? I also have cfl bulbs I can use for lower leaves. I know this sounds a bit disjointed lol no pun intended. Im brand new at hydro and growing in general just want to salvage and learn what I can from this first grow. Germinating didnt go well thats why I have plants at different cycles so to speak.

thanks ghostface716

Let her grow she’s got about 2 weeks to full flower.

Edit… Dimmer was down on phone, couldn’t see well. A week or so to full flower.

its an auto so should I stay with 18/6 but change to sodium lighting? I have 2 other autos in the same grow box that are still in veg… I also have cfl bulbs down low that I’m not using…

What kind of HPS light do you have? How many watts…

Id definitely get her under something stronger then cfls if possible

I am running a 400 watt MH 7200K veg stage 18/6 in a BCNL grow box. I have a 400 watt HPS 2000K for flowering. Additional (3) F24 T5 24 watt HO 6400k in the picture, not sure when or how to use. Just saying…

All three sour diesel auto 4 to 6 weeks apart can they all be productive in the same box or do I need to sacrifice?

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Looks to have enough space. I like to give each plant a 2x2 dedicated space.

The HPS is 2000k (bloom based, more red light) is for flower. So you can swap it out now if wanted.

The veg is 7000k (veg based, more blue) and can be run just fine until week 1-2 of flower.

The K is color temperature.