Topping off plant

Not sure when to top. Can anyone post a close up of we’re exactly to prune.

I’m limited on height

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Looks like she’s only starting her second node. Let her go at least two more then top here


Thank you

Time to sit around and watch the plants grow

This was topped above the 4th node

Photo after it was topped

You can now see what will become the plants two apical stems


Thank you
That’s got to hurt

This is the same plant 7 days after it was topped as shown in the above picture.

The red V shows the two secondary stems created by topping the main stem.
The blue lines shows where I topped her the 2nd time. Now, rather than one main colas she will have four.


7 Days wow she’s healthy
What her name
She’s Beautiful
Are you going to top it anymore?
Definitely want to see her flowers keep in touch

Too young, wait until you have 4 nodes of growth in my opinion. Limited in height? high??

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I have 4 northern lights in the tent now. She is #2
You can search Northern Lights posted by bearless and you will see what I have posted.


You can top a plant many, many, many times, but don’t top her too early or she will not like it. Wait…are these auto flowers…if so don’t top but instead use LST. If she is a photo period plant still wait like others and myself have stated, until the 4th node of growth.Topping & Pinching - Marijuana Training Techniques - YouTube
This link is good at explaining topping


What are you feeding her?

Thanks for the link
Blue Dream

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Ok so when you say you are limited on height? I mean your plant is only around a couple inches tall right now…

Lol I’m planning ahead.
I have 6 foot from floor to bottom of 600 watt M H
Figure I need 2 or 3 foot distance from light I’m told
Plus the grow bag

Sorry I only have a 6 foot maybe 6 1/2 ft ceiling in basement light also takes up maybe 10 inches
I’m between a rock and a hard space

That maybe leaves me with maybe 2 ft of growing space
Maybe three

Don’t listen to what others tell you about the light, go directly to the light manufacturer and look at their recommended distances. Every light is different even if the wattage is the same, because there are cheapo ones and expensive ones, and they all perform differently. Its ok man you can train a plant to be whatever height you want. My advice to you is read read read and research training techniques, and watch videos for visual cues. There are alot of great videos out there, but also alot of hacks. Controlling the Size of Your Cannabis Plants: Kyle Kushman / Green Flower - YouTube
I enjoy Kyle Kushman he is legit and his information is great.


Watch that video all the way through, because it addresses exactly your situation

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Thanks Brother I will