Topping my plant

My plant us about 2 1/2 feet tall maybe 3 feet wondering if I need to top her, any suggestions??!

Topping is honestly your choice, if she isn’t flowering and growing in your area isn’t recommended (illegal) then that might be a good thing to look into

Really you should be asking yourself this question!
Do you need to top it? Do you have limited height to grow in? Do you want a bushier plant? Are you ok with causing stress on the plant and waiting for recover? These are the questions I would answer for myself, then go ahead with topping or not.

I personally always top my plants, but that’s because I only have 6.5’ of height to work with. And when you add in my lights hanging from the ceiling, how far the lights need to be from the canopy, and the DWC bucket my plants sit in, I really only have about 4-4.5’ of space to grow a plant vertically.

From all of my reading, topping increases yield. Is this correct? I’m in week two with seedlings, but it wont be long before I’m getting to this same point. I had planned on topping due to my limited lighting and only growing two plants. Trying to get one ounce out of each plant, so I figured topping would give me the best chance for that.

Are you doing a journal or anything for your grow @tacomac? I’d love to help you out if I could, to reach your goal of an ounce per plant. For my very first grow I got an ounce from each plant I was growing! Now in hydro, I get at least 4 ounces per plant.

But yes, I do believe topping will increase your yield. I’m no scientist or professor, but I know that it sure has helped me with bigger yields and helping keep my plants short.

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I’m keeping a record in Word on my computer. I’ve been sort of sitting in on a bunch of journals because they’re doing essentially the same things.

Less is more in my opinion. If we all compare notes on the same thread then we all learn at the same time who’s doing what, what works, and what doesn’t.

That’s why I’ve been doing it that way - sort of chiming in from time to time.

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This is my first plant and I do not keep an account of the growth ect…
But will start doing so. I pinched out the top of the plant this morning,
so hoping for a lower bushier plant. I started her from a seed that was in
a bud a friend gave me, really nice smoke, I will attach a picture, been
using fox farm soils and fertilizers, kelp and fish emulsion, plant is
thriving. Not the best pics but if more are needed I can take some more
for you, she is definitely my baby, very pampered. Oh and thanks for your


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Are you using auto flowering plants and getting 4 ounces?

This is my first time growing I’m not familiar with all the terms so
forgive me for being so uneducated. Here are some picks. I just
transplanted her and she is becoming a very tall healthy girl, she smells
wonderful. I did pinch out the top set of leaves.


I haven’t tried auto flowers in hydro yet, I was talking about my previous plant which was Blueberry. Soon I will be trying an auto in my DWC setup and see how much I can yield when in hydro.

My first ever auto flower grow was in soil and I got 6 grams lol, it was an awful grow on my half. Part of the reason I decided to go hydro to in the first place.

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They look very healthy. Just keep up what you’re doing and they should do well. Keep an eye out for signs of them being male since they are bag seeds and we don’t know till they flower.

Its only one plant and she has white pistols on her she getting very big
fox farm soil and fish emulsion about every two weeks she is my pride and
joy she smells so sweet, thank for responding.


6 grams really thats hard to believe man

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No joke. Bad soil, bad water, and no pH pen. I was a newbie!

But now look at my girls lol